“Bring Us the Head of Ron DeSantis” Florida Democrats Are Scrambling to Stop the Unstoppable…

Leonard Zhukovskyshutterstock.com

After two decades of Republican leadership in Florida, Democrats are scrambling to change the conservative state’s political course. But they’re up against a powerhouse politician by the name of Ron DeSantis who’s laughing in their faces. Florida’s current outspoken governor should have no problem hanging on to his seat and this has created a huge problem for the hopeful Democrats whose political donors have quit wasting their money on the Sunshine State. 

To add to the Democrat’s dilemma is their weak roster of candidates. Rep. Charlie Crist is laughable. The once Republican, turned Independent, turned Democrat, Crist, can’t decide if it’s day or night. Crist claimed that the extreme rights takeover of the Republican Party is what caused him to flip-flop, but the money trail might speak differently. 

Democrat Senator from Miami, Annette Taddeo, has made no splash in the state whatsoever. With the gubernatorial race only four months away it’s a wonder she’s even still in it. Also working against the two Democrat candidates is DeSantis’s brash bully techniques that got him to where he is today. Ya gotta call things out as ya see ‘em is his dogma and he never backs down from a good fight. It’s also why he’s going to win.

DeSantis is one smart cookie. He’s a methodical planner who championed the redrawing of the congressional map that gave Florida a 20-8 Republican majority advantage. Florida is no longer a wise investment for liberal political donors who can’t compete with the immense $100 million war chest DeSantis has amassed.

Alex Berrios, a field director in Palm Beach County during Biden’s 2020 campaign, has all but surrendered. “It is becoming serious [for Democrats],” he said. “It’s not unsalvageable, but the situation is becoming critical.”

DeSantis has managed to wade through the criticism he’s received from liberals over his “Parental Rights in Education” measure. Democrats thought they could ignite a controversial fire by dubbing the measure “Don’t Say, Gay,” but in a predominantly Republican state, the match wouldn’t spark.

In a catch-22 statement, longtime Democratic consultant Ben Pollara put things in perspective. “It is getting more difficult to make the Florida case to national donors. The DeSantis thing is kind of a blessing and a curse. He is perceived as really strong ahead of a potential presidential run, which could scare people off, but also some Democrats really want to knock him off before he gets to that point.”

Pollara added, “That’s really true among the really wealthy progressive donor class. The people who give a lot of money to this stuff are really appalled by the idea of him becoming president.”

The question has to be asked. Is it really political donations that’ll determine the outcome of Florida’s gubernatorial race? The answer is a big fat unequivocal, no. It’s the residents of the state who have seen DeSantis in action. They’ve watched the man continually buck the system and win, and they’re well aware of his grit and determination in getting things done. 

Will DeSantis toss his name in the presidential hat? We can only hope. He’d make a good one.