Biden’s Military Cuts Lead to Fewer Pilots…and Georgia Lawmakers are Prepared to Fight

Matt Smith Photographer/

Biden made a lot of military cuts. These cuts hurt our military readiness. And the whole reason he cut the military budgets was so that he could have more money for liberal agendas – like racial equity projects, tampons in men’s bathrooms, and a whole lot of nonsense that isn’t a necessity.

What is a necessity is having a military pilot training center, like the one that the Air National Guard has in Georgia.

With the plan that Biden has in place, the Air Dominance Center at the Savannah base would close – and Georgia lawmakers are pleading with the congressional budget writers to rethink all of this.

Without the pilot training center, it could lead a number of pilots to not get the training they need. And, we may even say goodbye to future pilots.

When we look at all that is going on in the world – conflicts with Russia, potential conflicts with the Taliban in Afghanistan, issues in Iran, and a raging Kim in North Korea, do we really want to get rid of a training facility for military pilots. No – yet we can’t seem to get the Biden administration to realize this.

This just shows that the Biden administration isn’t always looking out for what’s best for the country.

There’s good news, though – five Georgia congressmen are leading the charge to fight back. And it’s a bipartisan group. That means that they’ve managed to put their political affiliations aside in order to do what’s right for the future of the military.

Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is taking the lead, complete with a letter being sent to House and Senate subcommittee members. The letter reads, “As members of Congress, we recognize that budgets have limits and hard decisions must be made to protect our country’s bottom line, but our military’s capacity to conduct realistic, live training sets us apart from our adversaries.”

The letter is requesting that $11.5 million be earmarked to keep the Combat Readiness Training Center open in Savannah.

The letter also goes on to point out the “tactical incompetency” seen with Russia and how devastating it can be if warfighters are not properly prepared. Keeping the Savannah CRTC open would prevent that kind of incompetency from affecting our own military.

When the White House Office of Management and Budget was asked why they were seeking to shut the center down, no explanation was offered, as reported by Military Times.

The letter clearly points out a big problem that is consistent with the Biden administration – hard decisions are made so that the bottom line is protected. That’s not always the case with Biden and his liberal agendas. Look at some of the massive spending that he has done. He’s not protecting the bottom line at all. In fact, he’s sending the national deficit through the roof without making any positive impact on the U.S.

It’s crazy to think that Biden will spend billions of dollars to prevent the border wall from being constructed but he won’t spend $11.5 million to ensure our fighter pilots receive proper training.

Last year, more than 2,000 training missions were conducted in Savannah. That’s not something we can just give up and walk away from.

We can only hope that with bipartisan support, the Georgia lawmakers can show Biden and the rest of his administration that they’re making a big mistake. A really big one…