Democrat Senate Campaign Rejects Help from RINO Lincoln Project


If you’ve heard of the Lincoln Project, it’s probably because they have created a number of waves in recent years by being a supposedly Republican activist group but one that has continually fought to put more Democrats and liberals in office than those of their own party.

Naturally, in years like 2020, that made them a fan favorite of the progressive left. However, it would seem that even that demographic has lost sight of what they saw in the group. In fact, the group’s help is even being rejected by those on the left.

This comes as primaries and various races continue across the US in preparation for the many upcoming midterm races this November.

In Ohio, a state that has turned more and more red with each passing month, it seems the Lincoln Project has vowed to help any and all leftists who are running against anyone who ever or still does support either former President Donald Trump or his policies. And so they have begun bragging about putting out political ads or pieces that would attack those like newly chosen GOP Senate candidate JD Vance.

As a conservative and one who supports most of Trump’s policies that put “America First,” the group has labeled him as a “full-fledged, Hawlesque advocate” and one who must be defeated if the American democracy is to survive. (Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one who thinks this is a particularly strange word choice…)

Naturally, one would think that it would be Vance or those from his campaign who would object to being made into such a target by the group. However, it was actually his opponent’s campaign that has the bigger issue with it.

Her simple “pls no,” pretty much says it all. And that’s even before you know who she is or what she stands for.

You can’t tell from the tweet above, but Izzi Levy is actually the communications director for Democrat Tim Ryan, who is running opposite Vance in the race.

So why would those on the left reject the group’s help?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the Lincoln Project tried to do the same thing with another political race last year, targeting then Virginia gubernatorial GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin in attempting to paint him as a white nationalist. By the way, those accusations were proved false, and Youngkin won anyway.

It could also have to do with the group’s co-founder, John Weaver, who was found guilty of coercing young men to have sex with him by promising them political job opportunities.

Another of the group’s associates didn’t help to paint them very well either. As Fox News reported in 2020, Steve Schmidt scraped together nearly $100 million in donations from the Democratic Party and then chose to purchase a luxury home in Utah.

Needless to say, the group, like BLM, has become pretty much more of an embarrassment than an ally in the last few years.

And that fact has not been lost on most outside of the establishment political ring – even those who may need a significant amount of help securing a win this November.

As Levy likely knows, her boss is facing a rather uphill battle in the state. According to most political analysts, Ohio’s environment is not all that welcoming to Democrats at the moment. Coupled with that is the fact that Vance is a formidable opponent.

And yet, his campaign is begging for the Lincoln Project to just leave them alone. But, of course, there has been no indication that the group will back down. If history has taught us anything about them, it’s that they are rather persistent, even when their intentions are having the opposite effect or they aren’t wanted.

Who knows, come November, Vance just might be sending them a thank you letter, just like those supporting Virginia’s now-Governor Youngkin did.