Biden Makes Fun of Republicans and the Serious Issue the Democrats Made Over January 6

lev radin/

The ignorance of Joe Biden continues to grow each time the old man shows his face on television. The president has at his heart a willingness to destroy the country by willfully dividing the people. In his mind, there are two groups of people, which consist of liberals and everyone else. And anyone that refuses to adopt the destructive poison of his regime is not worthy of living in America.

The Democratic Party made a massive error by transforming the January 6 protests into something they were not. They tried to get people to think that many terrorists were trying to overthrow the country by storming the Capitol Building. But all those people were trying to make their voice heard by rallying peacefully together.

The president mentioned that Republicans would storm the castle that sits in the center of Disney’s property. Joe Biden took that memory and tried to joke about it regarding the fight between Disney and the state of Florida. He claims his remarks were nothing but a joke, but it invokes the liberal’s lie that Republicans are a force of terror trying to destroy the country.

Biden and his liberal followers think that the Republicans are extremists trying to take over the country. But the truth is that the Republican Party has not moved with what it believes is suitable for the country. The Democrats moved from being moderates to being extreme socialists.

The president’s hurtful remarks dug deep when he stated, “There’s nothing I can say about the GOP that Kevin McCarthy hasn’t already put on tape. At the same time, many people say the Republican Party is too extreme, too divisive, and too controlled by one person. They say it’s not your father’s Republican Party.”

The president even admitted that the Republican Party has not moved since it was the same party decades ago. The old man is making less and less sense the older he gets. His mind has come to believe a fantasy was invented in his head.

Biden went on to say that “Ronald Reagan said, ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear this wall down! Today’s Republicans say, tear down Mickey Mouse’s house,’ And pretty soon they’ll be storming Cinderella’s castle, and you can be sure of it.”

The issues between Florida and Disney have nothing to do with Biden running the country. Florida passed law guarantees that parents keep their rights to raise their kids the way they want without interference from local and federal governments.

Biden believes that the government should control what kids are taught and the parents should stay out of the way. His philosophy is very similar to that of Adolf Hitler, that would take young kids and indoctrinate them in the destructive ideology of Nazism.

The Democrats have taken Florida’s new law and twisted it to mean something that it was never intended to say. They want to make it seems that Republicans are against various lifestyles. But that is not the truth since the law puts the power to teach children in the hands of the parents and not the liberal school districts.

The only reason why the Democrats hate the law is that they want to be able to indoctrinate kids with their destructive doctrine. And they do not want the parents to know that it is happening. The Democrats know that to reach their vision of a liberal-run America, they have to twist the minds of young people into believing that the Republicans are the enemy and the liberals are the only people that matter.

Biden’s words are more than a simple joke. His way of trying to push a lie was that all Republicans are against America. He wants people to think that conservatives will riot and strike with terror in places where families gather. Disney and the Democrats are the ones that left the realm of reality and embraced the poison that actively tears society apart.