Biden Shows His Arrogance as He Claims Most Americans Are Stupid and Cannot Focus on the Things That Matter


The arrogance of Joe Biden continues to grow the more he thinks that he is the standard of what elitism should look like. The old man thinks that his policies and decision-making skills are top-notch. He fails even to see the hurt and the pain that he has caused every American. He has willfully walked away from being an American and embraced an ideology that mirrors that of China and Russia.

The president cannot admit when he has made a wrong decision. He continues to think that he is right even when proven wrong. And there is not any light left in his head. He has gone off the deep end, and no one working for him dares to point it out.

Biden thinks that the issues in Afghanistan are not his fault. Even though he was the one that turned the country over to a terrorist group, he sits back and blames everyone else for the high inflation rate. And the entire time, he continues to act like he has a plan to fix everything and that people should trust what he is doing.

Biden is a known liar, and there is not a soul in the country that will honestly admit that they can trust anything he says. There is not a promise he has made that has ever been fulfilled. And now that Biden is exposed as a fraud people knew he was, there does not seem to be any way to rid the world of his terrible presence.

RedState reported that the president had some choice words that he wanted to share with the people. He was asked why he thinks people believe that he is not doing his job and combating inflation. He stated that “They’re not focused…I think what I have to do is explain in simple, straightforward language what’s going on.”

The only answer he could give was that people do not think he is doing enough because they do not understand what he is doing. He honestly thinks that his level of thinking is so far above the rest of the people that they will never be able to match his intellect. He believes that he needs to dumb down his ideas so people can understand them.

The old man has placed himself on a pedestal and thinks people should strive to match his majesty. The old man thinks that people are idiots and should trust him with their future. This is coming from a man who cannot understand why gas prices are so high and why people from his party resist his leadership. Biden is dangerous and leads the country down a path that ends in destruction.

The public is more focused than what the president thinks they are. People feel the sting of inflation every time they visit the store or fill up their gas tanks. And the funny part is that they know exactly what it would take to fix the inflation problem, but Biden refuses to listen to the people because he arrogantly believes that people are stupid.

The president talks about trying to unite the country behind him. But he will never get anyone to follow him, telling them that they are ignorant. The president’s answer to the problem is to blame everyone else and to continue to believe that no one will ever be able to think on his level.

His push to discredit Donald Trump’s idea of making America great is just another brainless idea that he thinks will keep people from voting for Republicans. He does not understand that people love living in a Trump world. The gas prices were low, and people worked to make America great. And then along comes Biden, and the whole thing falls apart.

Joe Biden is a crazy old man that cannot get the names of the people he works with the right. He cannot even tell what day of the week it is. And somehow, he is supposed to be smarter than every American.