US Re-Supply of Arms to Ukraine Destroyed Claims Russia

Frederic Legrand - COMEO/

If Russia is to believe, they aren’t suffering heavy losses, they are just adjusting the men like a chessboard, and it is the Ukrainians who should be ashamed of how they are fighting. As the footage and evidence come out from Ukraine, you can see the Russians taking heavy losses, but also firing indiscriminately at civilians, and attacking civilians. The level of war crimes already being reported by the Russians is not only alarming but worrisome as these kinds of tactics are only seen when a major military knows they are losing.

Russia’s latest claim is that they have destroyed a western resupply to Ukraine with a sea-launched Kalibr missile, obliterating the arms Ukraine had recently been supplied with. The Chief spokesman for Russia’s defense ministry Major General Igor Konashenkov claimed their long-range weapons had successfully destroyed many targets, specifically a group of arms and equipment located at a rail station in the Zhytomyr region. Video of his statement was issued on the 21st and contained footage of a daytime launch from what looked to be a Russian Black Sea Fleet ship.

Konashenkov also went on to claim the weapons were “delivered from the United States and European countries for the grouping of Ukrainian troops in the Donbas… More than 270 nationalists were destroyed as a result of airstrikes. 52 units of military equipment were disabled.” Video footage provided via Russia’s defense ministry confirms these claims, and the infographic alongside it tallied the total losses Russia was claiming since the invasion. 174 aircraft, 125 helicopters, and 3,182 tanks as well as many other losses.

It is important to note, that neither Ukraine nor anyone else has been able to independently confirm 

 Russia’s claims nor the authenticity of their footage. Russia also claims that the supplying of arms by the US and other nations is starting a proxy war, and this could be something they attempt to leverage against us in the coming months. Their mindset about obliterating the US and that we are the aggressors is something they have believed in for years, as the Russians never do anything without cause in their mindset.

Problem is, if Ukraine can hold them off, they wouldn’t stand a chance here, and we aren’t going there. With another $40 billion in aid heading into Ukraine, it should serve to ensure Russia doesn’t get any bright ideas about trying to bring that battle across the Pacific. While Biden certainly is no wartime president (or peacetime for that matter), the US military would be backed into a corner should Russia attack the US or our assets elsewhere. They seem to have figured out just how mightily we can strike when needed, and that’s with people who are just learning these systems. US service members on the other hand are experts with the munitions Ukraine was given this year.

Speaking with Newsweek on May 20th, a representative of the State Department stated “America and our allies and partners support their (Ukraine’s) efforts to defend their country and protect their fellow citizens. We are the world’s leading provider of security assistance to Ukraine in its hour of need, and we are encouraging Allies and partners worldwide to do the same.” As always, the US stands by, ready to deploy, engage, and destroy, the enemies of the US.