Whoa! Kellyanne Conway Savagely Attacks Jared Kushner in Memoir


Former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway is doing everything she can to stir the political pot in DC, as an excerpt from her forthcoming book Here’s the Deal: A Memoir got to the hands of The Washington Post. On May 22nd, they reported on Conway’s almost obsession with Jared Kushner.

They claim that she has all sorts of terms for him, but “shrewd and calculating” seem to be the best describers for how he was seen by her. She also claims he is “a man of knowing nods, quizzical looks, and sidebar inquiries.”

“There was no subject he considered beyond his expertise. Criminal justice reform. Middle East peace. The southern and northern borders. Veterans and opioids. Big Tech and small business. If Martian attacks had come across the radar, he would have happily added them to his ever-bulging portfolio. He’d have made sure you knew he’d exiled the Martians to Uranus and insisted he did not care who got credit for it.”

This sounds like someone not only obsessed with Kushner but someone who believes he was a large source of detriment to the US during the Trump administration. What she fails to understand is that there is a lot of genius to the boy wonder. A genius that to the unsuspecting eye looks like grandstanding and being overconfident, but to those in the know, it’s just smart positioning.

What Conway fails to acknowledge is the responsibility of people put into power to speak up when something is wrong. If Kushner sees a policy he believes is wrong, or a perspective on perspective action could result in overlooking something, he speaks up about it. While her thoughts of him claiming to be an expert on everything is certainly an oversimplification, it’s a sign of the type of people we need in DC.

For ages now, politicians have specialized in certain areas. Some appeal better to minority voters, others know the history of their district better than most historians. Some are experts on Eastern European foreign policy, and still, others know how to make the economy work for the average American. These are all great and noble accomplishments, and knowledge like that is made to be shared. People like these are tacticians, they know their areas, and that’s it. They just remain silent on everything else, and let experts make the decisions.

That’s where Kushner was different. He would learn bits about different topics. A true jack of all trades, and a master of none. As the saying goes on (and many leave out), oftentimes these are better than a master of one. Kushner would then share those nuggets of knowledge with the people around him when the time was right. It’s not like he was talking about BLM while a meeting over soybean production was going on.

Kushner has been taking flack for years. Some people cannot stand to see him married to Ivanka; others still give him hate for Trump giving him such a distinguished position. People ultimately put those they trust into these kinds of positions. Given the stereotypical hatred of the son-in-law, shouldn’t Americans rejoice at the sight of Trump appreciating him?

It certainly is much easier to hate the man than it is to like him. Given how much was asked of him, and how ridiculed he was in the press because he wasn’t some clown with 20 years of DC experience, he should be given a bit of a pass. He stepped into some big shoes, and he more than filled them out. It’s not like he destroyed a business relationship and 50k a month position while doing crack and slamming the President’s unwed teenage daughter.