Turns Out “Long COVID” Is a Myth After All

Dmitry Demidovich/shutterstock.com

Since the first time the term long COVID was used, many Americans have been incredibly skeptical of the idea. Sure, the idea of residual effects sticking around as they do with bronchitis, a tough case of the flu, or bad food poisoning seemed reasonable. Then the liberals noticed that they needed an attention grabber; enter long COVID.

With the National Institutes of Health (NIH) conducting a study into the idea of long COVID, there was no guarantee how things would end up. It could go really well to push the CDC narratives, or it could showcase that COVID isn’t all that different from the flu. As any conservative who has trusted the science will tell you, it’s not a surprise that this turned out to be nothing more than a myth.

The authors of the study concluded “Exploratory studies found no evidence of persistent viral infection, autoimmunity, or abnormal immune activation in participants with PASC. Abnormal findings on physical examination and diagnostic testing were uncommon.” Using 189 people who were at least six-weeks post the onset of COVID symptoms, with 120 people who never had COVID as the control group.

In conclusion, they found that 55% of those who had been infected reported symptoms consistent with PASC (long COVID). In turn, 13% of the control group also reported symptoms of PASC. Those who had PASC symptoms reported lower quality of life on standardized tests. With a physical exam, lab tests, and questionnaires for the testing procedures, there was no identifiable cause for the PASC symptoms in most cases.

Also of note, those with COVID only had mild symptoms, and with the motivation to enroll in the study, the level of patients with PASC symptoms may have been increased.

That’s not to say they are faking their symptoms for attention, but it has been scientifically proven that people will over-exaggerate their symptoms when they know they are a part of an experiment to push for the results the subjects think the researchers want to see. It’s not being done maliciously, but out of the desire to help others who need help more to be able to get the answers they need.

Unfortunately, this skews the results, and when the researchers can tell that things are being overemphasized, it makes the research prove the results even more by going the other way. Currently, the debate about the legitimacy of long COVID is still raging on, with the publication of these results only fueling the fire even more.

The questions about it being a physical ailment or a psychological disorder persisting after recovering from the virus still exist. With mixed clinical research, many believe that the CDC and leftists are behind a large part of this push to prove it exists. With things like vaccines, mask mandates, and all the sub-categories, there is a lot of money to be made the longer this is being drugged out.

As the country and globe continue to reel from the effects of COVID, business tycoons and investors have been searching for any way to make a buck they can find. From COVID test kits to insane inventions to keep people safe, to masks, there has been something for nearly everyone to profit from if they were fast and diligent. Meanwhile, nearly everyone else has gone through the loss of their job, savings, house, or other assets. Many lost family members. As always the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.