Fiona Hill Tries To Diminish Trump, Slips Up and Explains Why Biden Is a Dream for Putin

Fiona Hill needs to step up and finally admit to herself and the rest of the world the truth. She isn’t that smart or that knowledgeable on political affairs. She’s not a straight shooter or someone without an agenda either. Rather she is an incredibly unintelligent woman who makes assumptions based on things she overhears and misconstrues or alters to meet her agenda.

During the Trump impeachment, she was parading around like a star witness, proclaiming that he was continuously subverting American foreign policy. Never mind the fact that the President sets the foreign policy while in office, so it’s rather difficult for the man to violate his own policy. Nor did she or anyone else provide evidence of a tit-for-tat with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. When that accusation was first leveled both men vehemently denied it, and people in DC tried to force the connection to appear out of thin air.

This wasn’t Hill’s only foray into bad political maneuvers. She was a sizeable part of the Steele Dossier too. She was central in introducing Christopher Steele to his main source. She of course denied these contacts when appearing before Congress and went on to make ludicrous statements during the impeachment hearings. She inferred that Ukraine could not have been interfering with the 2016 elections on behalf of Hillary Clinton, something that has been proven to be incredibly false.

Quite simply, Hill is obsessed with defending Biden and the rest of the left. Her home party can do no wrong in her mind, and she has chosen that as her hill to die on. She has been trying to defend them every step of the way, and each time she opens her mouth only a slanted truth, or outright lie comes out. She has also developed a strong obsession with Ukraine. Mind you, she never brings up Hunter’s business deals over there that have been exposed with his laptop. Rather she ignores that whole story altogether.

One part of Ukraine she has centered in on is the invasion by Russia. Speaking with the Chicago Council of Global Affairs, she ascertained that Putin preferred to have Biden in the White House when he made his move. Naturally, conservatives caught this slip of the tongue and called her out on it. Like any other leftist who gets caught admitting how dumb they are, she tried laughing it off and explaining that Putin wanted Biden in there because he would be easier to get negotiations going with. In her eyes, Putin wouldn’t have to explain things to Biden along the way because of his years in foreign policy.

Never mind the fact that Biden’s foreign policy experience is about as authentic and varied as the soup, salad, and breadsticks deal at Olive Garden. He consistently has shown just how little he knows, how out of touch with reality he has become, and what he thinks of America. Biden could care less about taking care of the American people or doing what is right for the globe.

He is spineless, and unintelligent as a byproduct of the cheese slipping off his cracker. Putin knows this, and he knows he could take advantage of this. Trump on the other hand was the wild card. Biden didn’t know then what Trump would do in this situation, which is why the only four years of Putin staying put and being quiet in the last 14 years came when Trump has been in office. He made moves during the Obama administration, and he has done it now with Biden. Hill still keeps defending these moves, and while she tries to explain how Biden is making a better deal than Trump would have, Putin just keeps ruining his pajamas with each misstep from both Biden and Hill.