Yup, a Liberal Turned Texas shooting Into an Issue of Racism

Cire notrevo/shutterstock.com

The unthinkable happened in a town in Texas. An 18-year-old took a gun into an elementary school in Uvalde, shooting 19 students and two teachers.

The entire country is in mourning because of the lives lost.

As details come out, we knew that there would be a lot of finger-pointing. However, one liberal has decided to turn the mass shooting into one of racism.

We’re never going to achieve unity in the country if every issue is somehow turned into an issue of racism – especially when the issue clearly wasn’t racially charged.

University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler has decided that the police didn’t care about the kids because they were mostly brown.

Many have been wondering what took the Texas police officers so long to enter the school. As the investigation continues, we’ve learned that it took the officers on-site over 40 minutes to enter the school. It was actually an off-duty border patrol agent who stormed the school and shot the killer – ending the massacre once and for all.

Butler tweeted, “So since no one else will ask, I will. Did those children die because most of them were Mexican American and the police didn’t give a damn about a school w predominately brown kids? I mean, because it’s Texas.. and if you think everyone who isn’t white is illegal.”

This kind of accusation is absurd. The police don’t care who is white and who is brown. We’re talking about children. No one wanted to see the kind of fatalities that we saw at Robb Elementary School. The police officers were a part of the community, regardless of their ethnic makeup.

Butler’s comment was met with utter disgust. No police officer was willing to let kids die. Skin color did not matter.

To make up such a tweet and post it is not what this country needs. It’s not what the grieving parents want to deal with. And it only tears people from the truth of what happened.

Butler expected to be a hero to point out that there was racism involved in the shooting. Instead, she was met with a lot of harsh criticism. She didn’t stick to her guns and continue to make tweets. Instead, she backed away like a coward and deleted her tweet. Still, screenshots of her tweet live on.

Steven McCraw, the Texas Department of Public Safety Director, has said that it was “the wrong decision” for police to wait to storm the classroom.

We saw that the Uvalde Police Chief and Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Chief, along with many others, are all Latino. That would mean that, if anything, they’d be more likely to jump in and rescue the kids because they, too, were predominantly Latino.

The police thought that they were doing the right thing by waiting. They wanted to get as much intel as possible. Clearly, that wasn’t the right decision because it led to the gunman being able to kill 19 children and two adults.

As one person on Twitter was quick to comment regarding Butler’s nonsense, “The only acceptable answer for many today is race. That is all they see. Around every corner. The specifics of the situation do not matter. This is a clear example – and from a highly educated educator.”

That’s what is the saddest part about this. Butler is a college professor. She’s highly educated. However, her beliefs have been heavily tainted by the progressive agenda so much so that she can’t see anything but race. She can’t let a tragedy be a tragedy without throwing racism into the argument.

 Butler has made other comments in the past, including attacking Dr. Ben Carson for deserving a “coon of the year” award and also evangelicals for not following Christian scripture. Of course, she was lambasted on those occasions, too.

At some point, the liberals need to be held responsible for adding fuel to an already raging fire. What happened in Uvalde was a tragedy, but it wasn’t due to racism.