Trump All Set to Introduce New Line of Media for the Majority of People That Hate the Woke Idea

Evan El-Amin/

The 2020 presidential election proved once and for all that the Democratic Party and its liberal media work together to promote and push their dangerous agenda. The liberal media and traitorous social media platforms strived to censor and silence the Republicans in America. The liberal elite did not want the truth to get out regarding their push for power and fraudulent activities.

Ever since Joe Biden stole the White House, the liberal-run organizations around the country have become bold in their attempts to rewrite American values. The public school system was one of the first groups to push the “Woke” ideology that attempts to redefine what America stands for.

The left needs to poison the minds of young people and get them to turn against their parents. They need the next generation to adopt the “Woke” mentality to institute their version of a socialist-run nation.

The problem that the liberals have with achieving their goals is the opposition from Republican and conservative people. No one wants to be controlled or be told what to do, especially by a Democrat. But the liberals have the goal of total domination, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

The Republican Party and conservatives do not sit by and watch the left poison the minds of the young people. Former President Donald Trump knows the danger that the left presents.

Trump has set up the Trump Media & technology Group to help combat the lies spreading throughout the liberal camp. His new idea will present a new “non-woke” service that people can stream into their homes. The content will be free of the “Woke” concept and only present truthful American ideas to young people.

Business Insider reported that “The subscription-based streaming service is set to be a “non-woke alternative to the programs offered by streaming services” like Netflix and Disney+. However, it will not ‘insist that programming push some particular political ideology,’ according to an SEC filing from Digital World Acquisition Corp, a SPAC or ‘blank check’ firm, set to merge with TMTG.”

Donald Trump wants to see new content that will promote the importance of things such as the Second Amendment and other conservative values. The liberal left is determined to tear down the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution by brainwashing people into thinking that they are irrelevant today.

The Digital World Acquisition Corp stated, “TMTG+ intends to offer programs including, but not limited to blue-collar comedy, canceled shows, Trump-specific programming, faith-based shows, family entertainment, shows that embrace the Second Amendment, and news. President Trump has stated that TMTG will stand up to ‘cancel culture’ and the ‘self-righteous scolds.’ Failure to realize this vision would adversely affect TMTG’s brand and business prospects.”

The subtle and dangerous attempts by the liberals to cancel culture will be met with truthful content. Parents and children will now have options for what they can watch and allow into their homes. They will no longer have the edge of a captive audience because there is nothing else to watch.

The nasty liberals are already hard at work bashing Trump’s idea for his media corporation. The liberal left is all about profit. They attack the former president by telling people that his idea will not be profitable and fail due to lack of support. But they underestimate the sheer volume of conservatives looking for content free of the woke ideology.

Joe Biden and his band of liberals underestimate the power of the conservative side. They think that the liberals have the majority, but even those within the Democratic Party hate what the president is doing to the country.

The red wave is set to sweep progressive socialism to the trash and put in place people that want to protect America for the next generation to enjoy. The concept of a liberal free media and broadcast group is essential to keeping the values of America strong for future generations.