Health Insurers Providing Rebates to Consumers Because of the Law Forced on People by a Former Democratic President


The health insurance companies around the country are being forced to pay billions in rebates because of the Affordable Care Act that Barack Obama forced America to adopt. The part of the law in question requires insurance companies to use premiums on medical care. The formula behind that number is figured out is based on a three-term.

The news about the rebate is coming out because the $1 billion that is expected to be paid out is lower than in previous years. Obama’s socialist attempt to reform healthcare enabled insurance providers to raise their prices because they knew that Republicans would challenge the law as being unconstitutional.

The idea of the insurance companies returning premiums in a rebate proves that people are being overcharged for their healthcare. During the pandemic months, people did not have the care ordinarily available to them, so they did not go to the doctor as much. The reduction in claims led to fewer rebates being handed back.

CNN reported that “Some 4.3 million people in the individual market are expected to receive a total of $603 million in rebates this fall. About 1.8 million consumers in the small employer market are expected to share $275 million, while 2.2 million people in the large employer market are expected to get $168 million.”

The rebate part of the law sounds acceptable to many people at first glance. But the problem is that the law caused an increase in the cost of insurance. And now, rebates are given out when the number of claims does not exceed the number of premiums collected.

Each insurance company must spend 80 percent of premiums on healthcare issues. Any part of that 80 percent not used will be returned to those who paid it during the year. The health insurance companies are limited to the amount of money they can use for other things that would typically have been used to help people live better lives or find better care for other issues not usually covered by the policy.

Larry Levitt is with the Kaiser Family Foundation. He stated that the rebate option is a benefit to the consumer. But history has shown that whatever benefits the consumer usually hurts the provider.

The Democrats have long desired to change healthcare into a federally run system. It would give them the power to control the people and force them into compliance.

The twisted part of Obama’s healthcare mess is that consumers will never see the rebates. The insurance companies will send the money back to the company to be used against future premiums. One would think that the rebate would cause premiums to be lower. But the healthcare laws change and end up causing the premiums to rise.

Fox reported that a study was done and found that “the largest rebates will go to consumers and employers in Texas ($186 million) and Florida ($149 million), where Govs. Rick Perry and Rick Scott, respectively, have been among the staunchest opponents of the federal law. Both states applied for waivers from the 80-percent requirement and were turned down. Hawaii is the only state in which insurers are not expected to issue a rebate.”

The states that oppose the law are forced to comply with the rebate program. The states of Texas and Florida had asked for a waiver and were ultimately turned down.

The liberals love to meddle with things that work. Barack Obama and the rest of his supporters were determined to destroy a healthcare system that worked very well. The raunchy liberal messed around with the system so much that health insurance providers are being starved financially. They can no longer provide services to people needing help because the money is no longer available for them to use.

The Democrats want to create an unstable healthcare system to justify taking control of the system. It is the first step in creating a socialist system run by Washington.