Texas Puts an End to Letting Kids Be Dragged to Drag Shows

Jacob Lund/shutterstock.com

Whatever happened to letting kids be kids?

There are tons of laws that help to preserve the innocence of kids for a bit longer. It’s why kids aren’t allowed into bars, strip clubs, and more.

So, why should kids be allowed to see drag shows?

The quick answer is that they shouldn’t. Drag shows are adult-oriented. There’s adult humor, inappropriate comments, and lude dancing.

The past weekend, there was footage that went viral with children attending a drag show in Dallas, Texas. The Mister Misster gay bar allowed kids to not only attend the event but also allowed kids to dance with the performers on stage, hand them dollar bills, and walk up and down the aisle with them.

Protesters showed up to “Drag the kids to pride” event to show just how inappropriate it all was.

One sign within the bar was even highlighted in the video – a neon sign that read “It’s not gonna lick itself.”

What part of this is appropriate for children? Absolutely none of it.

It’s also why a Texas state legislator is currently working to introduce a bill that would ban minors from attending drag shows within Texas.

State Representative Bryan Slaton represents the House district that is just east of Dallas. He commented, “Drag shows are no place for a child. I would never take my children to a drag show and I know Speaker Dade Phelan and my republican colleagues wouldn’t either.”

Slaton explained how there’s too much sexualization happening across the state – and really, that extends to the entire country. Slaton can’t do anything about the U.S., but he can help to keep his promises to his constituents in Texas, which include standing up for conservative values and working to protect the kids of Texas.

I promised my voters that I would stand up for their values and fight to protect Texas kids.”

This is important legislation. And yet, LGBTQ rights supporters gathered at the Texas state Capitol to protest it, many carrying signs that say #LetKidsPlay.

Yes, exactly. Let kids play. Don’t let kids hand over dollar bills to drag queens. Don’t oversexualize them. It’s summer. Take the kids to a pool. Let them find a new toy at the toy store. Drag shows are no place for kids – and anyone who argues should seriously assess their ability to successfully parent.

According to a spokesperson for Slaton’s office, the state lawmaker has already started having productive and meaningful conversations with his Republican colleagues. It is anticipated that the bill will pass once the Texas legislature meets again.

It’s a necessity. If we are to make sure that kids grow up to lead normal, well-balanced lives, we have to be careful about what we expose them to.

Slaton is one of the many Texas Republicans who are committed to making this happen. The House Republican has also been outspoken about gender transitions for minors, urging the Texas Department of Family and Protection Services to classify gender-affirming healthcare for minors as a form of child abuse.

Texas may be a conservative state, but they are doing what it can to avoid sexualizing children. For anyone who wants to move to the state, it’s best to know what the state stands for. Those who want to drag their kids to drag shows should probably stay in California.