Biden’s Secrecy On New Trade Agreements Is Causing Bipartisan Fear In Congress…They’ve Been Kept In the Dark


Joe Biden needs no help pursuing viable trade agreements with nations from around the world. He’s got this. On his own accord, Biden’s been burning up the phone lines handing out monetary incentives to any foreign leaders who’ll see things his way.

It could be argued that at least the old man’s finally doing something, but instead, it’s worrisome. Why? Because Biden hasn’t told anyone on either side of America’s political fence what he’s been saying or what he’s been offering. Without a care in the world, he’s been freelancing it.  

The resentment towards Biden is bipartisan. Neither side agrees to break from the free trade agreements of the past that have always worked. They’re miffed that freewheeling Joe has been pursuing unconventional, and as yet untried, methods that could conceivably crash the world economy, but then again, who’s to say since nobody knows? 

Members from either party are receiving abbreviated last-second briefings once an agreement has been reached with any particular nation, but they aren’t being informed of how the deal went down. All they know is that the economic initiatives being offered are supposedly the boldest in history, which leaves no room for anyone’s comfort.

It’s becoming more of a pattern for Biden to play King Tut by acting on his own accord, but when it comes to trade, lawmakers are teetering on the edge of asserting their full authority to stop gramps dead in his tracks. 

Up until now Biden’s solo flights on other issues haven’t been met with much resistance from Congress, but should Republicans gain control of it in the Fall, which it’s anticipated they’ll easily do, all hell is going to break loose as they put Biden in check. He’ll find out the buck doesn’t always stop with him.

Last week Biden unveiled a major economic proposal for Latin America at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. Only days prior to the event had the National Security Council sent its stoolies out to brief congressional offices, giving them no time to review one of the most detrimental proposals of the current administration.

A senior congressional aide responded to the slap in the face by saying, “It’s hard to give an impression of the plans when we are only hearing about them days before the summit. We would like to see some true consultations with Congress.” 

After spending his first year in office concentrating on domestic affairs that he only made worse, frustration on Capitol Hill is at a peak as Biden forges ahead with new economic agreements they know little to nothing about.

Now that Biden has Latin America under wraps he’s going after Asia with the same secrecy. Both regions are vastly important to U.S. national security and weigh heavily on U.S. economic interests. If Biden’s giving away the farm, which there are fears he’s doing, a dollar will be worth a nickel when all’s said and done. At least we’re getting a quarter out of one now.

Though it’s refreshing to see congressional Democrats and Republicans locking arms in unity, it’s frightening to know what brought them together. No man is an island and Joe Biden in particular should not be left to his own devices. He’s already proved how well that doesn’t work.