Massive Neglect Leads to Kids Being Fed Floor Sealer Instead of Milk at Summer Program

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The onslaught of neglect towards children continues to rear its ugly head as twelve small kids from a school in Alaska were fed floor sealant instead of milk during lunch. The school ran a childcare program in Juneau, Alaska, when the floor sealant was mistaken for milk. The school officials proceeded to feed the product to the kids, never realizing that what they were doing was poisoning them.

It is hard to believe that the school officials did not realize what they were doing. Floor sealant has a powerful and nasty odor that should have alerted the adults to the problem. And there should have been no reason why such a dangerous product was stored around food.

Children all over the country have had to buffer one attack after another as Democrats used them as pawns to try and gain power. Children surviving in liberal states were forced to stay home and learn far longer than they should have been allowed. And the poisonous books that the Democrats are packing schools with certainly are not helping young minds grow into healthy adults.

The summer program at Sit’ Eeti Shaanax-Glacier Valley Elementary School was supposed to be where kids could come and have fun during the summer weeks. But instead, their cups were filled with floor sealant by those that should have known better.

Several kids drank the product and immediately started complaining of burning throats and mouths. School officials looked into the matter and found that what they thought was milk was an industrial product used to help clean and seal floors.

A third party supposedly prepared the lunches. The name of the company was NANA Management Services. Somewhere along the line, the milk was replaced by the chemical, and the kids were the attack recipients.

CNN News reported, “After the children complained about the burning sensation, school district and NMS staff ‘immediately followed up by smelling/tasting the milk and looking at the container/label,’ the statement said. ‘It was found that the ‘milk’ served was a floor sealant resembling liquid milk. Staff immediately directed students to stop consuming the substance and removed it.’”

The tragic error led to the staff calling poison control and letting parents know their kid was fed floor sealant. The sad part about the incident is that everything could have been provided had the staff paid more attention. Meals should always be checked before serving anything to a child.

But bad things are bound to happen when a person puts their well-being ahead of others. The Democrats are notorious for putting themselves first and letting things happen to other people.

The school provides the childcare service for the summer months, so kids have things to do. CNN also reported that “RALLY provides state-licensed childcare for elementary students ages 5 through 12 and is a partnership with the Juneau School District, according to the district website. One student received medical treatment at a nearby hospital, and two other students were picked up from the school ‘and may have gone to seek medical advice,’ the statement said.”

Officials have reported investigating the matter to see how it all happened. The big question that needs to be answered will have to center around why industrial-strength chemicals were sitting near food products.

The school district has released a report indicating they are cooperating with the investigation. Parents will want to know that this incident will never happen again before ever trusting their kids to the school’s care.

Children that are ignored and neglected by adults charged with their care are vulnerable while the liberals are in control. The sad reality is that the entire issue could have been prevented if there had been controls to protect the kids. Before serving it to the young people, all of the food should have been checked. And the milk production would have smelled horrible since it was cleaner. That should have been the first clue that something was wrong.