Joe Biden’s Inflation Quest Causing Many Americans to Give Up a Lot of Things


Joe Biden has stolen a lot from the American people. He took away the American Dream and replaced it with an environment of zero hope. He has removed the security from the southern border and put all Americans at risk of being invaded. And he has taken away the prosperity that once governed the land with low prices and inflation rates. And now everyone must give up more because the old man will not grow up and be a president.

Biden’s reluctance to stop spending money he does not have and work harder at lowering the inflation rate has led several families to cut their spending. The cost of filling up the gas tank has doubled in the past several months, and the cost to buy food is just as bad.

Shmuel Shayowitz is the chief executive officer and mortgage banker at Approved Funding, located in River Edge, New Jersey. He stated, “Over the past 30-45 days, consumers are starting to cut back on “big-ticket purchases” as well as changing their spending habits on many of their day-to-day routines. Fewer people are willing to buy a house, less are willing to spend on car leasing or financing, and most are scaling back on bigger home purchases such as entertainment, recreational, and even home improvements.”

People are canceling travel plans and even holding off updating their homes because prices are just too high. Biden’s record inflation rate has forced Americans to cut their spending budgets because the extra money from raises and other sources of income are no longer available.

The president has focused on hurting the economy since he took office. He has purposely targeted small business owners and other corporations to shut them down. He wants to create an atmosphere where people are forced to rely on the Democratic Party for their everyday needs.

People are not eating as much, cutting their vacations, cutting down on how much they drive, and many other things. The stress that the lack of funds is having on people is also incredibly high. People are coming across as more irritable and angry than ever before. Biden does not care about the people because he wants more money and power for himself.

Newsbreak reported that Gabe Krajicek, the CEO of Kasasa, stated, “Higher prices seep into just about everything households and businesses buy. It’s no coincidence that with inflation at a 30-year high, we have also experienced the highest quarterly rise in national consumer debt since 2007. Rising prices and inflation are causing consumers to dip further into their lines of credit. They also face rising interest rates, which is just another form of inflation, as the debt accumulated to this point will need to be paid back at progressively higher interest rates.”

But that is just what Joe Biden was hoping to create in America. He wants to mirror the economies of the nations that have fallen to socialism. The high-interest rates and inflation rates ended up crippling those nations and allowing the governments to step in and take everything over.

The road to lower interest rates and reduced inflation will take time. And Joe Biden cannot be at the wheel when the time comes to fix all of his messes. When Donald Trump stepped out of office, Biden had never had a plan to build anything better than it was.

All of Biden’s talk of improving the country was a pack of lies. All he wanted to do was destroy the country and set the Democratic Party up to take over ruling the nation once it fell to socialism. But the president failed to notice that the people would not stand for his lies. Voters are taking notice of what his party is doing and are cleaning up the mess by voting them out of office. Republicans are being placed in an office where Democrats once ruled. And it is making a difference.