Facebook Making Massive Changes to How Its Run

PK Studio/shutterstock.com

Social media has become a significant way that people around the world can connect with people around the world. It has also become a way for businesses to market concepts worldwide. And it has become another way for people to experience culture from the other side of the planet. But in recent months, it has become a way to limit the beliefs and concepts of people deemed to be a risk to liberal ideology.

During the last presidential election, all of the major social media giants teamed up with the Democratic Party to censor conservatives and keep them from sharing news and thoughts about Donald Trump’s competition. They stopped stories and the truth from being shared about the interworking of Joe Biden and his staff.

The mighty dollar sits at the center of Big Tech and their betrayal of fairness. Facebook and the other giants exist to make money. And they will support any entity that they believe will further their quest to be the richest and best social media platform on earth.

Tom Ellison is Meta’s CEO and heads Facebook. He released a document that the Verge obtained from Newsbreak reports. It revealed the latest ideas on Facebook and proved that money is at the company’s heart. The social media platform is set to copy an idea laid out by TikTok so they can corner the market on a concept TikTok is excelling at.

Ellison noted that the idea should allow users to see posts from different sides of things and more from sources not sourced by the profiles they are linked with.

Facebook is trying to set another way to force people to see things they would not usually look at. In other words, they are trying to put content before people, so they are forced to at least see the information that is being presented.

The new idea will change what people are used to seeing on their homepages. A new program will bring the content up for viewing based on what the user is used to looking at. But it will be from different sources every time the user accesses the app.

Newsbreak reported that “Facebook has pioneered technology that teaches user habits and recommends posts from profiles and pages to which the user actually responds. TikTok went a step further and started recommending posts from profiles that users don’t follow, a model that has proven to be extremely successful.”

The move by Facebook is nothing more than a way to attract users to their platform. Newsbreak also noted, “When the redesign is complete, the homepage will be a mix of stories and reels at the top, followed by a mix of friend posts and posts recommended by the new Discovery Engine. The company’s second priority is to merge Facebook and Messenger into one mobile app. At the top right, there will only be a message icon that guides the user to messages without leaving the app. The goal is to simplify user communication and correct the wrong decision to split apps made almost a decade ago.”

Facebook is at a stage where its leadership realizes that the social demands of the customer base are changing. No one wants to see long ads or videos that take up too much of their time to watch. But on the same side, the people want just enough to get a complete picture of what is happening. And those dynamics are going to be the future of social media content.

The memo put out by Ellison revealed that the changes were all about making money. Facebook competes with the other social media platforms to attract viewers to their content, so they are more willing to spend money in their circle of influence.

The tech giants will also join forces with those willing to help them make more significant amounts of money. Facebook and the other platforms joined with the liberals because they saw an opportunity to make the cash they wanted to see on their bottom line.