Joe Biden’s Weaknesses Are Causing Major Headaches for United States Military


Joe Biden is the weakest president ever to sit in the White House. His reluctance to stand up for America and protect the country has led one terrorist nation after another to rise. They continue to challenge the resolve of the United States to see how far they can go and what they can get away with. The latest challenge came from an Iranian military ship that thought it would be a great idea to challenge an American naval vessel.

The U.S. naval vessel had to fire a flare to warn the Iranian Revolutionary Guard boat to back down. The terrorist vessel thought it would be fun to speed toward the warship to test what the captain would do.

Iran and the United States remain locked in a stalemate regarding Iran’s nuclear program. Ignorant Biden thought it would be a great idea to try and rejoin the nuclear treaty that former President Donald Trump wisely pulled America from. Iran desperately wants nuclear weapons so they can use them to bully others into giving them what they want.

Biden may be a weak president, but the men and women serving in the armed forces know how to handle each incident that comes their way. The Iranian vessel came at the ship, and they received a warning shot to stay away. Failure to comply would ultimately result in more aggressive measures to protect the lives of every American soldier serving on the ship.

CBS News reported, “In a video released by the Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet, a high-speed Guard Boghammar is seen turning head-on toward the Sirocco. The Sirocco repeatedly blows its horn at the Boghammar, which turns away as it closes in. The flare shot can be heard, but not seen, as the Boghammar passes the Sirocco with the Iranian flag flying above it.”

The Iranian attack ship was reported to come within 50 yards of the U.S. ship. America’s enemies are growing bold the longer Joe Biden refuses to grow up and do his job. The Iranian military knows that Biden will not risk a confrontation because he does not have the stamina to engage in military action.

The U.S. Navy reported that this close encounter is the second time Iran has tried to test Biden’s resolve. But the president gets to sit in his office thousands miles from the danger. He does not care what happens with Iran unless it involves his safety.

The first encounter reported took place over two hours. The Navy reported that three Iranian military ships played chicken with them during those two hours. And it was reported that one of the ships came within 75 feet of the naval ship. They were close enough to attack if they wanted to engage.

CBS News also reported that “Talks in Vienna about reviving the deal have been on a “pause” since March. Since the deal’s collapse, Iran has been running advanced centrifuges and rapidly growing stockpile of enriched uranium. Earlier this month as well, Iran removed 27 surveillance cameras of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency. The agency’s head warned it could deal a ‘fatal blow’ to the nuclear deal.”

Iran does not care about making any deals with western powers. They are moving full steam ahead to finish their quest for weapons of mass destruction. All they want to be able to do is use their new power to threaten people to stay out of their way as they take what they want from smaller nations.

Iran has started using a new centrifuge to help enrich its uranium. They also have plans to open others as they are finished being built. Their goal is to keep enriching uranium until it meets the standard needed for nuclear weapons.

Joe Biden is a danger to the country. His willingness to put America last has exposed the country and all Americans worldwide to harm. The Iranian military knows that now is the time to try and get what they want out of the old man. But their time is short as more powerful forces are about to take control of the United States government once the midterm elections are over.