Democrats Lose Bid in Attempt to Rig Future Elections as Supreme Court Sides with Republicans

Stacey Lynn Payne/

Ever since the Democratic Party hijacked the 2020 presidential election, there has been an attempt by many Republican states to improve election laws. Each law passed has also been challenged by the Democrats because they argue that having to prove one’s identity before voting is unfair. Their reluctance to want to improve laws only shows that they need things to be left the way they are if they ever hope to commit fraud in the future.

The case made its way to the Supreme Court, where a decision was made to allow state leaders to address the challenges. The liberals attack such a law in North Carolina, hoping to have the courts overturn the identification requirements. The Democrats hoped that the court would side with them. But in an 8 -1 decision, the liberals were handed another loss to add to their belt.

Newsbreak reported that Justice Neal Gorsuch wrote in his ruling, “Through the General Assembly, the people of North Carolina have authorized the leaders of their legislature to defend duly enacted state statutes against constitutional challenge. Ordinarily, a federal court must respect that kind of sovereign choice, not assemble presumptions against it.”

The Supreme Court has been making decisions that put power back into the hands of the people. They have declared with a loud voice that Joe Biden and his attempt at a federal takeover of the country is unconstitutional. The power to decide such things belongs to the people and those they elect at the state level. It is not suitable for the federal government to mandate such things and take away the right of the states to sovereignly choose what is best.

North Carolina changed the state’s constitution to make people present an ID before voting. Newsbreak reported that “Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the measure, but lawmakers overrode it. The state NAACP and several local chapters immediately sued in federal court to halt enforcement, arguing that the law discriminates against Black and Latino voters in violation of the U.S. Constitution and the federal Voting Rights Act.”

The liberal’s attempt to keep things open for cheating failed. The liberals took the matter to the courts, where it would be tossed around for years. Both state-level political parties wanted to deal with the issue at the time. But the courts would not allow the legislative branch to do its job.

The Democrats and their liberal judges believe that the people should not have the right to run the country. The United States Constitution gives that right to the people. The elected officials in each state have the right to deal with local election laws because the people give them that power. The majority of the people in North Carolina support the ID requirement. And the courts do not have the right to change the law simply because they want to support party lines.

The judge that initially blocked the law before the case arrived at the Supreme Court level declared that the law was discriminatory. The liberals love to claim that all laws they disagree with are racist or unfair. They cannot bring themselves to understand that the people are the ones that make the decisions of what happens at the state and even the federal level.

The latest state-level elections kicked out the blue dictators. The people placed Republican leaders in office that would work for the people and not themselves. The liberals do not have the authority to do whatever they want once they arrive in the office. The Democrats in North Carolina have learned the hard way that the people are in charge.

The Supreme Court has upheld the Constitutional right of all Americans to have their vote count when it comes time to cast it for something. The state of North Carolina voted to require Identification to be presented before a ballot could be issued. The Democrats cried over the law and lost because they could not justify having the law in place. They wanted to try and cheat in future elections, which is why they hated the new requirement for voting.