Mike Pence Does the Right Thing and Stands Up Against Abortion on a National Level

Valerio Pucci/shutterstock.com

The decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade was something that has shaken the country at its very foundation. The court’s decision corrected a significant tragedy several decades ago. The causality list is beyond anything that any war could ever produce. And those little souls can thank the Democratic Party for their ultimate demise as they would support the eradication of life before it could ever get started.

The liberals cannot call abortion murder because it makes them out to be murderers. So, they hide their evil deeds under the guise of healthcare procedures or social benefits available to people. But in the end, it is still taking the life of a little soul that never had a chance to grow up.

The matter of abortion is so touchy with so many people that some politicians are reluctant to even talk about it. That is except the former Vice President Mike Pence.

Many governors and politicians at every level of government are calling for tighter laws and regulations on abortion. They are unwilling to push the matter further by taking a diehard stance on the subject. They talk big, but many are witnessing some of them shying back into the shadows to avoid ticking off their voter base.

The Washington Post reported that the subject of abortion is beginning to divide political parties and people all across the nation. But the matter of division was already present among the people. It finally has caught up with Washington, and the court just helped the issue come to light.

Mike Pence is one of the few that is taking a hard stance on the abortion issues. The Washington Post also reported that Pence and his organization, Advancing American Freedom stated that abortion should be banned all across the country. His organization released a video that pointed out that Pence has championed the concept of banning abortion. The video stated, “And in the White House, Mike Pence provided the guidance and advice to the president to select Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, three of the five votes making this incredible moment possible. Lives will be saved.”

Pence is one of the only people calling for a national end to abortion early on. His stance on abortion is earning him some points with conservative voters that hate watching the liberals get away with killing unborn children.

It did not take long for the Democrats to politicize the ruling. The Democrats secretly hope that the issue turns the flow of power back in their direction. The sad part is that they believe that enough voters want abortion to create a majority for them to win the midterm elections. But the truth is that most of the country agrees with Mike Pence and believes that abortion should be banned across the nation. He wants to see every abortion clinic shut down and those practicing murder put out of business. America is a nation founded on ethics that supports life and believes every person has a right to live.

The battle against abortion is far from over. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, making it legal on a federal level. The court reversed that decision and returned the matter to the states to work out. No political party has the right to mandate issues that the people’s will should voice.

The Democrats took the right to choose away from the people and forced people to accept abortion as a right to extinguish life. But the vast majority of the nation agrees with Mike Pence and believes that abortion is not a right but a fancy word to cover up the murder of innocent people.

Abortion is the murder of life at an early stage of life. And nothing in a liberal state will ever change that truth. The Democrats will continue to make the issue political while people like Mike Pence will deal with the issue as one of ethics.