Link Found Between George Soros and Biden Administration


It has long been suspected that billionaire George Soros has had his liberal hand in our government. However, thanks to well-funded lawyers and what is undoubtedly a world-class legal and accounting team, nothing beyond some rather expensive donations has ever been traced back to the man or his activist empire.

That is until now.

And what was discovered proves he has much more to do with how our nation is governed than most of us ever imagined.

As you likely know, Soros has a whole heard of groups at his disposal. And one of them was just named as the inspiration for Biden and his administration’s rather sudden push to “reform” previous policies under Title IX put in place by the Trump administration.

If you hadn’t heard, a 700-page proposal was made last week by the Biden administration to the Department of Education. At its core, it would reverse guidance that Trump implemented and pushes for more gender-neutral ideology and protections.

As Biden said in a recent statement on the proposal, his ideas for Title IX would ensure “that every person deserves an opportunity to pursue their education free from discrimination and realize their full potential.”

Sounds great, right?

Among other things, the proposal’s goal is to ensure that transgender students are not harassed, abused, discriminated against, and, most notably, are given federal permission to participate in student sports.

Now, as the proposal was just made, it has a long way to go before it could or would be adopted by the DOE, including letting the public voice their opinion on it and having each point of the proposal be addressed in detail by the DOE.

But what is really interesting to note at this moment is how similar it is to a memo that the White House received from a group called Governing for Impact, titled “Protecting the Rights of LBGTQ+ Students Under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.”

Basically, the memo remarks on how the Trump administration made life for transgender students less safe and more discriminatory, thanks to his provisions under Title IX. Therefore, the group asks that the Biden administration reverse that guidance and look at implementing a few guidelines of their own.

These are suggested to include things like making sure schools aren’t punished for their acceptance of transgender students and athletes, “regulations to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and transgender status,” and, of course, rules about discriminating against individuals “on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

This memo was received by the White House in November.

Now, of course, a representative of the DOE wasn’t willing to comment on the possibility that this memo had anything to do with the recently proposed education reforms.

However, Fox News was able to do some digging and found that this is not the first time Governing for Impact has made recommendations to the White House. In fact, according to the outlet, GFI “has “quietly been working with the Biden administration behind the scenes and boasted in internal memos of implementing more than 20 of its regulatory agenda items as it attempts to reverse Trump-era deregulations by zeroing in on education, health care, housing, labor, and environmental issues.”

But what’s even more interesting is that GFI has received nearly $13 million in funding from Open Society Foundations, a known George Soros group.

Now, little is actually known about GFI beyond that Soros’ OSF has funded it. In their digging, Fox found the group to be extremely “secretive.” Its website is readily searchable on any search engine, its memos are so dense and filled with legalese that they are hard to decipher, and there are hardly any names mentioned at all.

The telling information is learned when you look at who sponsors the group – namely, a nonprofit known as New Venture Fund that is attached to DC-based consultancy Arabella Advisors, a known “dark money network,” according to Fox. Of course, none of the funding for either of these is readily available either.

At least not until you go to Soros’ OSF site. Here under New Venture Fund, you can find funding links to GFI.

Then there is also the fact that OSF’s executive director, Tom Perriello, is a GFI board member… Perriello even speaks of his Soros group being proud of all GFI has done to impact government policy.

And just like that, there is proof that George Soros and his money are being used to affect government policy and agendas – in this case, for every child in the United States…