Oh, Look…a Human Smuggling Route Between Mexico and Arizona


The border patrol agents have been overwhelmed for a while. Kamala Harris had her chance to actually fix the border crisis. Yet, she sits in her office in DC as though nothing is wrong.

Why fix the border issue when there are potential new voters crossing into the U.S. every day?

Human smuggling, that’s why. And the unthinkable has just been discovered – a route that goes between Mexico and Arizona, where countless migrants can cross every day without being detected. And it has become a human smuggling route that allows countless crimes to be committed.

A field reporter with Daily Caller was shown the path by a guide who works regularly with the cartels.

Suddenly, Jorge Ventura was able to see an area where a line of migrants was climbing a rocky hill toward Yuma, Arizona. The migrants come from countless countries – Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, and even as far as India.

Ventura explained, “We have hundreds of migrants just running in.” He went on to say that they “cross illegally in the middle of the night, overwhelming Border Patrol agents in this sector.”

If you’ve noticed, Kamala Harris, who was tasked with addressing the problem over a year ago, has been surprisingly absent from any discussions on immigration lately. Her “do not come” message has clearly not been received. If anything, it’s been the opposite.

While she’s still hard at work researching the “root cause,” the answer seems to be waiting for her in Yuma. The root cause is that there’s a giant smuggling route that has gone virtually undetected – and migrants are allowed to pour in without having to worry about Border Patrol agents because there simply aren’t enough to arrest them all.

Listening careful enough, Ventura said that he could hear how smugglers and cartels were heard dropping off vehicles’ worth of migrants in the wooded area. It was then a straight shot into the U.S.

One of the reasons that this has been allowed to happen is because Mexican officials have not been compliant with their end of the agreement made with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The goal was for security to be enhanced on BOTH sides of the border. However, with Mexico not beefing up the security on their side, it is allowing the illegal flow of migrants.

Ventura wanted to know what Abbott would be doing, since clearly, there’s been no decrease in the flow of illegal immigrants.

Abbott explained, “The accountability may come soon, but we’ve been in discussion with our border neighbors about what they’ve been doing. I will tell you this, obviously the state right across the border is Coahuila … The governor of Coahuila is doing a lot, maybe as much as anybody to disband the caravans and people who would come across the border. His challenge is the same as my challenge and that is the president of his country.”

That’s just great, isn’t it?

It’s as if the President of Mexico has a deal with the President of the U.S. to just turn a blind eye to all of the illegal immigration that is happening.

Mexico’s government doesn’t want to address the problem because it becomes their problem. Most of the migrants aren’t from Mexico – they’re from other countries. By doing nothing, it becomes the problem of the U.S. And the Biden administration is clearly okay with human smuggling. They want to open up the border and welcome everyone with open arms.

Now that we know where one of the biggest problems are, we’ll have to wait to see if Biden, Harris, or anyone else in the administration addresses the route discovered over in Yuma.