WA Dem. Praises the Destruction of Property To Get Pro-Abortion Message Heard

Rebekah Zemansky/shutterstock.com

There are plenty of guilty pleasures in life for the average person to enjoy. A fine cigar, rare booze, gambling, even the company of a partner. What doesn’t make that list is the defacing of private property in the name of sending a message. Unless you’re on the left, then vandalism to express yourself is often rewarded.

For Washington state Sen. Emily Randall, seeing the newly constructed anti-abortion billboards vandalized was an extremely guilty pleasure. Via Instagram, she told her followers about the newly “decorated” billboards through the efforts of pro-abortion activists. Saying to them that she “had to pull over when I saw the decorated/corrected billboard.” She also captioned her video “Abortion is healthcare. Fight for your rights.”

Paid for by Anti-Choice Project, a pro-life nonprofit group looking to abolish abortions by showing people what happens with the baby since so many like hiding the truth. Originally stating “Some choices are wrong. End abortion” the vandals changed it to read “Some choices are healthcare.” The entire “end abortion” portion of the message had been crossed out.

In a statement aimed at Randall, her Republican opponent State Rep. Jesse Young handed out strong condemnation for the state Senator for celebrating vandalism in such a way. Especially as churches and pro-life organizations have come under attack from abortion rights extremists.

“Senator Randall’s reckless attitude toward crime is why I’m leaving my safe seat and running to unseat her. This isn’t a game and real lives are being impacted while she ignores the hurt in our communities and blames our police… For the safety of our constituents, she should not just apologize for her unprofessional post and disavow the vandalism, she should also actively advocate for peaceful and respectful consideration as we work through incredibly tough and divisive issues.”

Political opponents attacking the credibility of the other before an election is nothing new. It’s a story as old as time, and one that always amazes people with how creative they can get. Randall isn’t making Young work very hard to find things to attack about her. Instead, she’s serving up information and ideas like she was giving away turkeys at Thanksgiving. This kind of give, give, give on ammo for your opponent to despise you would certainly tank a campaign in almost any other state.

Then again, Washington isn’t just any state. The home of Starbucks, hipsters, and the epicenter of the woke movement, they are on a completely different wavelength than the rest of the US. Their ideas of what is acceptable, allowed, and how things should be done differs greatly across the state too. Given their recent upending by the left and seeing just how nasty it can be when you receive that treatment from your people, many are starting to backpedal away from the left to a more middle-of-the-road or even conservative mindset.

It’s ironic, for being a group of people who want to snuff out a child’s life before it begins, they sure find taking the childish approach to a situation to be the best option. No discussion like adults, not allowing things to play out in the court, or even the court of public opinion. Just straight to vandalism and then acting like everything is ok with what they did. As previously mentioned, they have also been stepping up attacks against churches and pro-life facilities. While not surprising, should Americans need to tolerate this kind of behavior?