Biden’s About To Receive the Cold Shoulder in Israel…They Want Their Trump Back

Repina Valeriya/

Joe Biden generally refers to Donald Trump as the “former guy.” Unless forced, he won’t utter his name or his previous title. But, he can’t hide from the former president’s legacy that’s about to be tossed in his face as he visits Israel and the Arab world.

As president, Trump’s very first trip abroad was to Israel. It’s taken Biden a year and a half to make his way there. Biden will be staying at the King David Hotel where the first thing he’ll see is a giant Donald Trump signature scrawled in the center of the lobby as a tribute to the “former guy” who also stayed there.

Trump made Israel a top priority. He arranged for the US to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s official capital, and he eliminated the position of a US consulate to communicate with Palestine, cutting off all diplomatic ties. 

The Israelis awarded Trump with the trophy for all but squashing Palestine’s dream of becoming its own state. And, it’s because of Trump’s efforts that Israel now shares a better friendship with the Arabs that neither side thought would ever be possible.

Biden has had no option but to accept reality so he’s not planning on doing much during his 48 hours on the ground outside of offering first-time handshakes to hands he should have shaken long ago.

Trump was the first American president to break tradition by visiting the Western Wall, and the US embassy in Jerusalem was renamed after him. The first thing Biden can’t help but notice will be the name “Trump” boldly affixed to the building’s outside. 

If Biden wanders into the embassy’s courtyard he’ll see that it was dedicated to none other than Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. 

The only thing on Biden’s agenda is to assure Israel that nothing has changed, a fact that’s overly obvious seeing as how he’s totally ignored their existence. He’ll be saving his strength for when Air Force One touches down in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where he’s got some work to do.

But one thing is unquestionably certain, in no country will the name Trump be spit through Biden’s pearly dentures.

A former National Security Council higher-up during the Trump administration, Kristen Fontenrose, sneeringly said,  “I assumed he would stay far away from that name. Like Candyman. He won’t want to draw any comparisons…He can’t afford to have references in the Arab press equating their policies.”

Biden has little choice but to openly embrace a Trump-backed effort known as the Abraham Accords. The effort brought Israel and Arab countries together in economic unity with which they’ve all prospered. It was the Trump White House that brokered the deal that normalized relations between the lot of them, and it was something that’s never before been able to be accomplished.

To the Israelis, Biden is nothing more than a temporary figurehead until the next one comes along, so don’t expect any earth-shattering news to come out of these visits abroad. Expect them to be cordial and barely tolerable tea parties mixed with casual conversations about the weather. 

In the meantime, Israel and the Arab world want their Trump back. They’d much prefer that Biden be the new “former guy.”