A Look at the Democratic Possibilities for 2024

Carsten Reisinger/shutterstock.com

In a “normal” world, the Democratic presidential nominee for 2024 would be President Biden. He’s only in his first term, and he’s allowed a second term. Even if he chose not to run, the next best option would be Kamala Harris.

I think it’s safe to say that nothing about this administration is “normal.” President Biden has a low approval rating – and it’s plummeting with each passing day. Most people don’t think that he’s got the mental capacity to serve this term, let alone another one. And Kamala Harris may be the most useless VP we’ve ever seen.

If the Democrats even want a fighting chance of taking down a GOP candidate in the presidential campaign of 2024, they need someone better than Biden or Harris. Especially when such GOP candidates could include Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, or even the Don himself.

There are a few Democratic possibilities that people have their eye on, so let’s explore them now.

Raphael Warnock is a Georgia Senator who is capable of making a lot of waves. He’s a Baptist pastor, a progressive, and he knows how to give the party what they want. He’s only been in the Senate for a year, though, so it would be hard to prove that he has the political prowess to get the job done in the White House. That said, if he wins his reelection campaign and Republican governor Brian Kemp wins, he’ll prove that he can deliver a blue win in a red state.

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, is another candidate on the radar. While he first said that he had no plans of running, he has essentially challenged Ron DeSantis by airing campaigns in Florida. He has to get through his reelection campaign as governor first, but he clearly has the ego to run since he was able to overcome the recall vote that took place in his state last year. His liberal lockdowns during COVID were a nightmare, but he is touting his success in making California the go-to place for abortions.

Michelle Obama has been mentioned on more than one occasion as a possibility. The former First Lady loves the limelight, and it’s clear that she misses being in the White House. She’s taken a number of political stances since her husband finished his two terms. She could easily stride in by taking on a similar political approach as Hillary Clinton, except without all of the controversy behind her. As a black female who is beloved by the Democratic Party, fundraising would be a breeze. First, she has to prove that she has an interest in running.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is another person worth looking at. She’s been one of the more vocal women, and if she wins her reelection battle, it will give her the proof that she needs to claim that people want the kind of politics that she has to offer. Her story of how right-wing activists tried to kidnap her also helps to feed the progressive claim that democracy hangs in the balance.

There’s also AOC, the widely controversial New York Representative. She has a following, but it might not be enough to get her into the White House. She has said that she doesn’t plan to be a Representative forever. While most people assume that she’d run for Senate, there is the possibility that she could choose to run for president – especially if the right person came along with the offer to back her financially.

Other names that are being tossed around include Ro Khanna, a California Representative along with Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary who has a failed presidential primary run under his belt.

No one has come right out to say that they’re running yet. It seems that everyone is waiting to see what happens in the midterms as well as what Biden ultimately decides to do.

One thing is for sure – whoever runs, it will make for an interesting primary race.