Ukraine’s New HIMARS Sends Putin Running to Meet With Officials

Mike Mareen/

Ukraine received a Christmas in July gift in the form of the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) from the United States recently. This gift, Western officials claim will put the Moscow war efforts in a choke hold that they won’t be able to do much from. While it’s not a guarantee that Putin and the Kremlin will tap out, it certainly enhanced that likelihood.

Even though these systems arrived in Ukraine in June, it wasn’t until recently that Putin realized just how bad he was failing due to this new system, and it took him until July 25th to even call for a meeting on the subject.

While the Russian state-backed TASS news agency is claiming that this will be a teleconference meeting and that the focus will be on air transport and aircraft manufacturing, there is no avoiding the HIMARS topic for Russia if they plan to keep the fight up.

The American-made HIMARS system is crucial to the local defense. Carrying up six guided rockets with a 40-mile range, or one Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) that has a range of just under 200 miles, this system is next level and crucial to Ukrainian defense.

Within the last few weeks, the system has encountered and destroyed over 100 “high-value” Russian targets. This kind of achievement is not small in such a stagnant conflict. Among the targets were ammo depots, long-range artillery locations, command posts, air-defense posts, as well as radar and communication outposts.

Retired U.S. Army General Mark Hertling is no stranger to the HIMARS. Recently he called the system a “game changer” and proclaimed that Moscow’s forces are now “in dire shape.” In his opinion, the HIMARS has much better range, precision, and accuracy than anything Ukraine has previously been using the fight the Russian forces off.

So far, this conflict has been full of surprises. From the Ukrainian farmers fending off Russian Special Forces, to the resolve of everyday Ukrainian men to fight for their country, not many expected the nation to still be standing.

Even more surprising has been their ability to fight back and humiliate a military that many across the globe thought was simply incredible in their resolve and strength. Perhaps it was this same expectation that allowed Russian leadership to take Ukraine so lightly.

From the outset of the conflict, the Russians made it well known that they assumed they would roll in, destroy resistance quickly and that major cities like Kyiv would fall within hours, or a few days at most. Fortunately for the Ukrainian people, their President isn’t just an actor.

President Zelenskyy’s an expert at rallying people around him and getting them to do the right thing for their fellow man. When you can not only convince your everyday citizens but also multi-millionaire fighters to leave their comforts and huge fight contracts behind to defend the home front, you’ve got something special. Here in the US, we cannot say the same.

While it would be great to say that the American people would blindly follow our President, far too many Americans are afraid of his inability to make intelligent decisions quickly, and they would quickly go rogue and away from his wishes.

So far in Ukraine, the population has been taking their orders and executing them to a T. The US has been very helpful (directly and indirectly) with its consistent resupply of weaponry and intelligence. Giving Ukraine the edge to hold on was a great decision, and thus far it has made a big impact.

Should the US ever find itself in this kind of conflict, there are little many other nations could provide for us besides the people behind the triggers. With any luck, we shall never have to ask for that assistance, nor will any President need to meet and discuss the foreign aid being provided to our enemies.