GOP Attorney Generals Team Up to Sue Biden Admin


As you know, the Biden administration is making all sorts of changes to our laws on a whole variety of issues. And the topic of sexual identity and orientation is one where we are seeing a lot of push for more laws to change.

But as 20 some attorneys general made clear to the administration this past week, not all of their changes are exactly legal. In fact, according to Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery, who is heading up a lawsuit against Biden’s White House, some of the recent changes actually “misconstrue the law.”

Furthermore, that argument is that the directives the White House put forward infringe upon individual states’ rights and how they enact laws.

So what is the problem?

Well, back in May, the USDA decided that it would include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity as a violation of Title IX. This widespread 1972 bill prohibits sex-based discrimination in “any education program or activity” that receives federal aid or assistance.

However, thanks to new directives from Biden and friends, schools and states will now be required to update all of their policies and signage, as well as review all allegations of discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Naturally, this would include the agency’s national school lunch program.

Should the USDA, who is following Biden admin orders, get their way, schools and states will be forced to follow the new so-called anti-discrimination requirements.

But there’s a good chance they won’t.

The lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday by more than 20 GOP attorneys general from states all across the country, says that this is basically a faulty rewrite of our laws and one that agencies like the USDA have no right to change.

Slatery said in a statement, “This case is, yet again, about a federal agency trying to change the law, which is Congress’ prerogative. The USDA simply does not have that authority.”

And so, they are challenging the new directives.

Slatery and others have recently challenged and successfully beat a similar set of directives from the Biden administration already. For example, earlier this month, two federal agencies tried to enforce orders, again issued by the Biden White House, that would extend protections for LBGTQ community members in both schools and workplaces.

However, the judge ruled in favor of the attorney’s general, saying that those directives worked against the states in enacting certain laws, such as banning transgender students from participating in sports or requiring additional bathrooms and showers for transgender people in both schools and businesses.

So there is precedent for the attorney’s general to win.

In the case against the USDA, problems could be made worse for the agency should they decide to inflict punishment or withhold federal funding for the school meal programs for schools and states who do not comply with their new directives.

So far, the agency has said they want “voluntary compliance.” But it has also mentioned that violations could be referred to the Department of Justice, should they not get their way.

Now, to be sure, sexual discrimination should not be tolerated in schools or the workplace. Neither should students not be receiving school lunch based on their gender or sexual identity. I mean, that is just cruel.

That is by no means what these AGs are saying. What they are saying is that students who choose to identify as a certain gender or sex also shouldn’t get special treatment. Neither should entire schools and state laws are changed to accommodate them.

And agencies like the USDA certainly shouldn’t have the authority to either change or enforce laws based on this.

But once again, the Democrats and their Big Government dreams don’t really care about the should or should nots. They want what they want and if they have to step on a few toes to get it, so be it. State and schools’ rights be damned.

Thankfully there are those like these attorneys general who are willing to stand up for the little guy.