Hoping To Boost Ratings, Biden Made a Huge Mistake…Killing Al-Zawahiri Stirred the Terrorist Hornet Nest


Joe Biden is strutting like the cock of the walk for lights outing that towel-headed al-Qaeda guy whose very existence has long since been overshadowed by more pertinent news and events. Plus, bin Laden’s successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was a tin duck in an arcade who could have won any qualified U.S. sniper a stuffed bear years ago.

But, on the flip side, al-Zawahiri was one of the architects of the 9/11 attacks so there’s some sweetness in that. But why now? al-Qaeda faded from America’s rearview long ago. 

Far behind us are the long airport lines as passengers were being manhandled, scanned, X-rayed, and often inappropriately groped, by meathead TSI agents. Gone like the wind is the $52 billion dollars the Dept. of Homeland Security spent on its secretive task force of counter-terrorism James Bond-like agents.

And thankfully, gone are the flag-draped caskets of the fallen heroes who filled America’s National Cemeteries over the course of a bloody 20-year war that concluded with the most disastrous defeat in U.S. history, in Afghanistan.

Since the day the world stopped turning on 9/11/2001, there have been no foreign terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. We no longer need to import them anyway. We’ve not seen video clips of al-Queada fighters squatting in caves or stupidly shooting bullets in the air while howling like horny coyotes on a Saturday night.

Still, for al-Zawahiri to materialize as if from thin air on the streets of Kabul is cause for concern. Once his presence was ratted out he was almost immediately terminated, but that was just long-awaited payback. 

It’s more likely an indication that the Taliban, against promises made, have gone back to sheltering terrorists, and that al-Qaeda could be trying to get its defecation back together. If this is the case it means that the Taliban and al-Qaeda have made amends.

It also means the Taliban will keep tight control on al-Qaeda so as to keep the upper hand. So let’s view the picture as a whole. The reason al-Zawahiri wasn’t disposed of long ago was that he was no longer seen as a threat, and he still wasn’t when Biden had him killed. End of story. Move on.

The retreat from Afghanistan may have been a jumbled mess, but it also sent a positive message to every American household that this two-decade-long nightmare that couldn’t be won was at long last tucked snugly into bed.

The general consensus of a tired nation has been to screw any commitments we may have made with the Muslims. It’s past time to dust the dirt off of our boots, ride off into the sunset, and never look back. 

Likely, Biden’s only motive was to score a few much-needed brownie points to pump up his deflated popularity, even at the price of stirring a hornet’s nest that’s been resting peacefully for a good while now.

Every action causes a reaction and you can bet that no matter how insignificant al-Zawahiri was these days in the chain of power, it’s the lack of a viable point for taking him out that already more than likely has the Taliban’s dander reaching dangerous levels.

Should the Taliban decide to return the favor as is their habit, it’ll be done in a big way. 5, 6, 7, 8, who don’t we appreciate? It’s a rhetorical question but his wife’s name is Jill Biden.