Manchin Does the Impossible and Gets Biden To Finish a Pipeline

Maksim Safaniuk/

Joe Biden has undoubtedly done his best to cripple the United States. He has discovered ways of forcing inflation to rise to record levels and even found people and circumstances to blame for his deeds. His lies spoken to his supporters dug deep as each of them would realize that he had no intention of keeping any of his promises.

The president found ways to kill off one pipeline contract after another. His reluctance to let people drill for and transport domestically produced oil has caused a massive rise in the price of gas across the country.

The president’s attack on the country is not going without challenge. Republicans continue to fight for the people, and members of his party are rallying against him. They are sick and tired of watching the president destroy America and turn every voter against them.

Senator Joe Manchin is opposed to the direction Biden is trying to take America. The senator took the time to confront the liberal leadership and made them decide to let the Mountain Valley Pipeline finish building its pipeline. The new transportation method will bring oil into the region and help to stem Biden’s gross price increases. Biden believes that the best way to implement his socialist form of rule is to bankrupt the country. Once people are out of money, he will be the one that they look to for help.

U.S. News and World Report declared that “The commitment to the West Virginia senator from Democrats Biden, Schumer and Pelosi will be used to pass legislation for the state’s pipeline to be completed and ‘streamline the permitting process for all energy infrastructure.'”

Manchin is furious with Biden and how he has broken his promises to the American people. The president told America that he planned to listen to each person and find ways to unite the country. But all he done is divide the country and found ways to strip away the benefits of being called an American citizen.

Nancy Pelosi and her little band of cultic followers have indicated that they will take up the matter near the end of September. They would vote on the issue just in time for the midterm elections. They all believe that a favorable vote on a pipeline will remain fresh on the minds of all the voters and may even gain them much-needed support.

The pipeline has been under attack by liberals and environmentalists for several years. The opposition believes that a drop of oil will destroy the environment and poison everything around the region. The nonsense behind the legal challenges of the pipeline is only an attempt to keep it from moving forward.

The constant legal challenges have put the project behind schedule and have cost the builder billions of dollars. Manchin’s fight to get the project back on track seems successful.

The U.S. News and World Report stated that “Last week, Manchin, who has often been a roadblock to Biden’s policy goals, reached a deal with Schumer on a bill to increase corporate taxes, reduce the national debt, invest in energy technologies and lower the cost of prescription drugs.”

The deal also included the pipeline that every American would love to see completed. It would provide much-needed energy and oil to regions of the country that is suffering under Biden’s greed.

Manchin could at least get the Democrats to listen and agree to his terms. He also wants to see other projects open up so they can be completed. The moderate senator knows the value of listening to the people’s will. He is gaining favor with voters and developing a positive image with Republicans.

President Joe Biden has turned his back on the people he is supposed to serve. The Democrats have forgotten what serving means, which will haunt them in the midterm elections. Republicans and Joe Manchin have stood in the gap to ensure that his policies do not destroy the country as it is known today.