After Nearly Two Years, the White House Finally Thinks They Had a Good Week With Biden in Office

Matt Smith Photographer/

After finally getting another negative test, President Biden was able to crawl out of his cave and step out into the Rose Garden. Now free from the COVID isolation that has driven so many Americans crazed from boredom, he was able to see his cornerstone Build Back Better (BBB) plan finally getting past Sen. Manchin (D-WV), so he could build part of his legacy.

The news of this passage and his negative COVID test marked what has easily been the best week in the Biden administration. Never mind the ever-increasing inflation, the horrifically manipulated job market statistics, or the crippling credit card debt that Americans are finding themselves saddled with as they attempt to stay alive in this horrific economy. Then again, the worst time of the year for his office is right around the corner.

Historically, August has been one of the worst months for anyone in the oval office. When the kids are getting geared up to return to school, politicians take a break from making decisions for the country, and the President gets left seeing the fallout. With this sudden shift in the status of BBB from being on life-support to being amended enough to get passed, Biden now has something to celebrate. He is heading into the dog days of summer smelling much better than last year.

Last August the collapse of the Afghan government was all the American people could talk about. Those who served began questioning if what they had done there even mattered. Was the sacrifice of their brothers and sisters while helping the people of Afghanistan worth it? Or had they just given them a small break from the same hell that was now returning to their doorsteps?

As many found themselves being swallowed up by these questions and many others, Biden acted as if things had gone precisely to plan. Never mind the video evidence that showed just how quickly the Taliban ransacked their bases, and how quickly the Afghan Army turned tail to run and hide, in Biden’s eyes this was all perfectly acceptable.

With the anniversary of that day on the horizon and the Justice Department’s investigation of Hunter’s unpaid taxes coming to an end, Biden still has a lot of August to go before he can think he got out of the month on a high note. Never mind the fact that this “high note” is nothing special but should be an average at best month for any other President. Given the fact that the Democrats lead both the House and Senate, Biden should have been able to do as he pleased with ease.

Instead, the American people have gotten a snapshot of what the liberal agenda looks like. A disorganized mess with nobody knowing what the long-term plan is. Like a drill sergeant would tell a new recruit, you can’t hit the 300-meter target if you only look at the 50-meter ones, these liberals cannot see the long-term planning because all they are focused on is the here and now. No real thought toward how their actions can ripple and buck the economy or our societal picture of one another.

A Presidency like the one Joe Biden has had so far is one for the record books. While taking over as a pandemic was slowing down is no easy feat, it was his complete 180* of many of President Trump’s policies that left many Americans wondering just who had been voted into office. It also left them to fight against this changed economy that may not take decades to repair. For being handed a nearly perfect country, he sure found a way to make a mess of it, and now has people convinced one mediocre at best week is his best one to date.