Biden Admin Ends ‘Remain in Mexico’ Border Policy


The Joe Biden administration has been fraught with one crisis after another. And none of them seem to be getting much better or showing any signs of being stopped.

Of course, immigration at our southern border is one of the largest issues, as well as the most ongoing. Immigration, to be sure, has been a problem for the US for decades now, thanks to open border policies put in place by presidents like Barack Obama and now Joe Biden.

But, as you know, things have escalated quite a bit under the latter’s rule.

A major part of that comes from Biden’s decision to reverse former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” border policy.

The policy, put in place in 2019, basically requires all those seeking asylum in the US to wait out the period of time before their asylum trial in the US immigration courts in Mexico. Previously, these individuals were allowed to enter the US when they applied for asylum and then stay here, relying on the US government for everything from housing and food to medical care.

Naturally, Trump and most right-minded people thought this to be a waste of government funding, particularly when a good number of those individuals could be and are denied asylum and forced to return to Mexico anyway. Plus, it helped to ensure that border facilities were not overwhelmed and the staff was not quite so overworked.

However, upon entering the White House, Biden made this policy and its reversal one of his ‘day one projects.

Thankfully, the decision was contested in court and so allowed to continue, at least in part, since Biden’s January 2021 executive order.

But now, thanks to the Biden administration’s constant pushing of the issue and apparently some open border approving judges, the reversal has been now made official.

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security made a statement about the ending of the program, saying that the Trump policy “has endemic flaws, imposes unjustifiable human costs, and pulls resources and personnel away from the other priority efforts to secure our border.”

The decision comes after the Supreme Court ruled that the Biden administration did, in fact, have the authority to end the policy. Of course, other t’s needed to be crossed and I’s dotted before they could make it official. And so DHS stayed silent.

The first step was for the High Court to certify their ruling, which they did last week.

The second was for another judge to reverse an order in effect since December that banned Biden’s reversal from going into effect. Trump-appointed Amarillo, Texas, judge Matthew Kacsmaryk lifted his injunction on the policy on Monday.

And within hours, DHS was making plans and statements about the official ending of “Remain in Mexico.”

According to the Department, the program will be undone in a “quick, and orderly manner.” Starting immediately, no more asylum-seeking immigrants will be enrolled in it, and neither will they have to be returned to Mexico until asylum hearings.

The question now is if those who were enrolled in the program will now be allowed to return to the US while they await their hearings or not. Also, will those denied asylum under the program now get a second chance at living in the United States?

Homeland Security says additional information and details will be provided “in the coming days.”

According to the Department’s data, some 70,000 migrants were enrolled in the policy from the time Trump instated it and when Biden suspended it in 2021. And upon Biden’s “suspension” of the policy, many migrants were allowed to return to the US, taking up already limited space at our border facilities.

While you and I might think it cruel and unjust to put these individuals in cages and have them reliant on a system that was not meant to sustain them for months on end, Biden and his cohorts say that forcing them to return to Mexico, where lawyers are less prevalent and “extreme violence” abounds is inhumane.

I doubt many of these people have actually seen what conditions are like at the border, though. I know Biden hasn’t.