Biden’s Gonna Be in Trouble When This Guy Starts His Investigation

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Even before Joe Biden got into office, we questioned just how many laws he broke. After all, Trump saw to it that we all knew that Biden used his power as VP to get his son out of trouble with the Ukrainian oil company, Burisma.

Between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and all of their dealings overseas, with particular emphasis on China, there’s a lot of dirt that needs to be uncovered. And whoever ends up leading the investigation is likely to uncover an entire gold mine.

The Republicans are already talking about “when” they’ll flip the House in November. And James Comer is likely a name that you’ll hear about as the Kentucky Representative is already poised to become the head of the House Oversight Committee.

There will be two major investigations that his committee will oversee – the origins of COVID and the business deals of Hunter Biden.

Comer told a crowd at an annual political event, “My committee will be the main obstacle between the Biden socialist agenda and the U.S. Constitution.”

It’s about time someone prepares to take down the socialist agenda. It has been allowed to continue for far too long.

All of the work that Comer plans on doing will be “credible” so that there are no questions about what he finds. As POLITICO reported, he’s “particularly well-suited to the task, according to more than two dozen House Republicans interviewed.”

Comer has big plans for his political career. For right now, he wants to focus on the investigations that need to be performed, especially if the House manages to get flipped by the GOP. He hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a seat in the Senate or even running for governor in Kentucky.

When interviewed by POLITICO, Comer explained, “I’m not going to be chasing some of these right-wing blogs and some of their conspiracy theories. We’ll look into anything, but we’re not going to declare a problem or an investigation until we have proof.”

There’s a word you haven’t heard in a while – proof. It seems that the Democrats have forgotten that in the U.S., people are innocent until proven guilty. And to be proven guilty, you need proof.

Comer may be exactly what we need to set the country back on the right path – and make sure that certain individuals (cough, Hunter Biden, cough) end up behind bars.

It would also be great to see action be taken against China if they are, in fact, behind the origins of COVID. Since we can’t depend on the WHO to perform an acceptable investigation, Comer’s committee will take that on.

There will be a lot more oversight in the event that the GOP takes the House. And that may not be something that the Democrats are ready for.

Comer has been described as “serious, quiet, approachable, direct, willing to listen, and skilled” according to GOP lawmakers who have been interviewed by POLITICO.

We won’t know what will happen until November. However, if the GOP can get the votes, Comer will become a name we’ll hear a lot more of – and that’s when the fun begins.

Joe Biden better know who James Comer is. After all, Comer may be the one to take down the Biden name once and for all.