Deadly Force and the IRS Are Not a Good Mix but It’s What Biden Wants

Paul Brady Photography/

President Joe Biden thinks he can sneak around and put things in place to set America up to transition to a socialist nation. The legislation he supports and desires for Congress to pass incorporates progressive ideas and pushes them out for people to digest. But the secretive things are what is most concerning.

Biden wants to weaponize the FBI and the IRS to do his biddings. He is looking for exceptional agents with the unique ability to use deadly force when dealing with taxpayers. His latest attempt at establishing socialism was found in a job posting for an IRS agent position.

Congress is looking to pass a piece of legislation that will significantly expand the IRS. The employment ad seems to have been pushed out in anticipation of the bill passing. But the job description is what caught people’s attention.

Fox News reported that the ad mentioned, “A ‘key requirement’ for applicants is that they have to be ‘legally allowed to carry a firearm,’ and ‘major duties’ include ‘Carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary and ‘Be willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments,’ according to the job posting.”

The job description demands that future and current agents be willing to kill people if certain things take place. The alarming part is that nothing in place describes when deadly force would be necessary. And when the job announcement was found, it was quickly deleted to avoid any criticism and exposure to what the president was secretly trying to do.

The IRS deals with taxes and making sure people pay what they owe. But the one thing that they should not be allowed to do is act like they are the FBI. Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and CIA engage people that tend to be violent. And deadly force should be warranted. But the IRS deals with financials and should be allowed to force people under threat of death to pay their taxes.

Fox News also reported that “The uproar over the post coincided with criticism of the proposed expansion of the IRS under the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes an $80 billion boost to the IRS over a 10-year period, with more than half intended to help the agency crack down on tax evasion.”

The bill allows IRS agents to track down and bring to justice all who evade paying their taxes. But the issue is that they can shoot on target anyone that causes a problem. And all it would take is for the federal government to look at private bank accounts to determine their next target.

The Democrats are all about collecting as much money as they can. They think an extra 87,000 will bring them $124 billion or more in income. They are willing to attack Americans to get an extra buck to mess around with.

Republicans are less than thrilled over the legislation the Democrats are trying to pass. People earning less than $75,000 yearly will be audited more than ever. The IRS will have the power to conduct 1.2 million more audits per year than they could with current staff levels.

Joe Biden is setting up his enforcement agencies so that when the time comes to take over the country, he will have the power behind him to force people into submission. The secretive ways that the Democrats hide their socialist agenda are alarming and dangerous.

The liberals insist that people earning less than $400,000 a year will be left alone. But it will take time to pass before they start changing things to include everyone.

The idea that an IRS agent can use deadly force when looking for tax cheats is alarming. The absence of guidelines leaves the matter open to interpretation regarding when deadly force can be used. Any resistance will be met with force under Biden’s new regime.