Federal Reserve Continues to Ignore Reality and Presses Forward With Making Things Worse for Everyone


A Democratic-induced recession is looming around the corner. President Joe Biden and the rest of his administration have done a great disservice to the country by imposing regulations and laws restricting productivity and hurting the economy. The expensive legislative items and massive spending bills have increased prices to new levels. And now that the time has come to pay the piper, Biden and his people are deliberately ignoring the reality that a recession is looming on the horizon.

The economy has withered again under the weight of Biden’s economic errors. But many people wonder if repeated economic growth declines mean a recession has set in. Biden and his people willfully ignore the possibility that a recession is a real threat to the country and the rest of the world.

Biden’s people run the Federal Reserve. They refuse to admit that there is a problem regardless of the evidence before them. People struggle to put food on the table and gas in their tanks because everything has become so expensive.

Neel Kashkari is the president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis. Newsbreak reported that he said, “Whether we are technically in a recession or not doesn’t change my analysis. I’m focused on the inflation data. Committed to bringing inflation down.”

His focus may be on the right area, but his denial of the end result will get him into trouble. The nearly double-digit inflation rate is just the first step in the start of a recession.

Newsbreak reported that every item had seen a price increase. Inflation is on the mind of every American as they watch a liberal-run government ignore the threat of a nationwide recession caused by the ignorance of a president that repeatedly puts America last on the list of essential things.

Newsbreak also reported that Kashkari stated, “So far, inflation continues to surprise us to the upside. We are committed to bringing inflation down and will do what we need to do. And we’re a long way away from achieving an economy that is back at 2% inflation, and that’s where we need to get to.”

The Federal Reserve may be working to do what needs to be done to fight inflation. But unless something is done to stop it at the source, a recession will surprise everyone. And ignoring the problem is not going to make everything wrong go away.

The Democrats want people to think that inflation and recession are vastly different. But the truth is that one leads to the other. Inflation is a normal part of economics. There will always be a slight rise in what people pay for consumables. But when that rate reaches record levels and shows no sign of slowing down, the recession part is bound to show up.

The Federal Reserve blindly thinks that it can deny the truth about the inflation rate and its relation to a recession. But the more people stop spending because of high prices, the quicker things will shrink to the point a recession sets in.

The Federal Reserve keeps an eye on the economy to keep it from swinging wildly in different directions. Its job is to keep things in balance so growth does not outpace production. It also has the job of keeping production in line with demand. But to deny the possibility that the country is close to a recession is to act and ignore the truth blindly.

The nature of the beast is that a recession is a real threat. The longer Joe Biden refuses to stop the massive amounts of spending, his refusal to fix supply chain issues, and many of the other messes he created, the worse things will get for the country. And no amount of denial will fix the issue and stop a recession from setting in.

Joe Biden is the source of trouble and the threat of a recession. His people may be able to deny that they have a part in the mess they have created. But the truth shows that the problems all started when Biden took office.