Gretchen Whitmer’s Would-Be Kidnappers on Trial a Second Time for Their Attempt To Nab Her


The pandemic year brought out the worst of the Democratic Party. They saw an opportunity to prey upon the American people and seize power for themselves. One of the worst offenders and abusers of power was the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer. She used her emergency powers to circumvent the state legislature and make life miserable for everyone living under her authority.

She took it upon herself to force people to stay at home while she took vacations with her family. She told people they could not travel to Florida because she hated how Governor Ron DeSantis let the state stay open for business. She lied to the people and told them that Floridians were carrying the virus because they did not adhere to strict lockdown procedures.

Her actions earned her the hatred of every person living in Michigan. A few of those people took their hatred to the illegal extreme and decided they would try and kidnap the liberal governor.

Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr. are two men that plotted with others to find and kidnap the liberal nutty governor. They were tired of watching her torment people with pointless COVID regulations for over a year. They watched as people struggled to earn a living because they could not work or their businesses had to stay closed. And the entire time, Whitmer went about life as usual.

Fox and Croft Jr. are both accused of planning to kidnap the governor and terrorizing other public officials. They believed they could intimidate others into giving up on their COVID plans. But they did not expect a member of their group to rat them out to the FBI.

Dan Chappel was a member of the group called the Wolverine Watchmen. He testified that he wanted to stay sharp on his military skills. Everything was going great for him until the other men in the group wanted to do something to strike back at the Democrats destroying the lives of people in Michigan.

Fox and Croft Jr. were on trial for their part in the plan. They were forced to stand trial a second time because the jury in their first trial could not reach a verdict on their part in the kidnapping plans.

Chappel heard what the group wanted to do and decided that he could take part in the plot against the governor. When the time came for him to testify in court, he was grilled by the defense attorney over a large sum of money he received from the FBI for the information.

The twist involved in the case is that Chappel was found encouraging the others to engage in terrorizing the governor by firing shots at her home. He was even found to have provided ideas to the other men about how they could damage the governor’s private property.

Fox News reported that Chappel stated, “I wanted to stop people from doing bad things to good people.” The man made it sound like he was trying to be a hero while encouraging the others to carry out their dastardly plan. But he was also involved in a plot to blow up the governor as she would pass over a bridge near her home in the northern part of the state.

Fox News also reported that Croft stated that “I’m gonna hit soon. I’m going to terrorize people. The right people. The people who have been terrorizing my people.” The COVID restrictions put in place by the liberals had pushed these men to the brink, and they were willing to engage in illegal activities to put a stop to the abuse people were forced to live under.

The Democrats are blind to their selfish ways’ effect on people. Elected officials are supposed to serve the people, but many liberals, such as Whitmer, believe they have divine authority to rule and reign as they see fit. They have forgotten their duty to serve and protect the people. Whitmer thought she could be a queen during a time when she should have been a servant to the people.