After a Year Biden’s Promise To Bring American’s in Afghanistan Home Has Proven To Be a Complete Lie

Trent Inness/

Ever since we first invaded Afghanistan, the premise of eliminating Osama bin Laden and restoring the freedom the Afghani people had known before the Taliban served as the main goals for the mission. Many brave men and women sacrificed their lives in defense of this mission and even more gave their lives after coming home without the tools and resources to cope with the events they faced.

So when President Biden opted to fulfill President Trump’s promise of our withdrawal, it was with the understanding that he would be following the plan set forth for him, and to do it carefully. As we have seen, that was a complete lie, and Biden felt the need to do things his way. A way that left a terrible power vacuum, and trapped thousands of Americans.

With the promise that we leave no man behind, the efforts to speed up this withdrawal and get people out quickly resulted in Biden enlisting the help of the conquering Taliban. The same group we had been fighting to ensure the freedom of the Afghanis. While offshoots were battling America as well, the Taliban was at the root of the fight. There was no trust, communication, or honesty with this group before, and our exit was no different.

Now a year later, we are seeing that Biden’s commitment to getting every American out was a lie. The statements at a press conference “If there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out,” and “The commitment holds to get everyone out that, in fact, we can get out and everyone that should come out. And that’s the objective. That’s what we’re doing now, that’s the path we’re on. And I think we’ll get there,” all proved to be lies.

We didn’t stay to get them all out. Instead, private groups of retired special forces soldiers and other organizations have speared the efforts to get them to freedom. These same people the American military was forced to leave behind were replaced by Afghanis who breached the fence and were able to scramble onto departing American planes. People who weren’t vetted and who we knew little about other than they wanted out.

At the time of our hasty withdrawal, there were an estimated 9,000 Americans who were left behind. Some were snarled up in the massive jam that this poor planning created. Some were abducted by the Taliban when trying to use the systems that were set up with Biden’s blessing to work with the Taliban. Others were just too far from the airstrip.

According to the latest figures provided by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, that number has dropped to 100 American citizens. However, the State Department confirmed with Politico that the number was over 800, with 600 permanent residents of the US being evacuated. This disparity in figures is unsurprising as their record keeping on Americans in Afghanistan has been abysmal at best.

An anonymous State Department spokesman spoke with Fox News on August 17th to try and shed some light on this disparity. “We continue to work with U.S. citizens who have expressed a desire to depart Afghanistan and have the necessary travel documents to do so. This number fluctuates regularly as U.S. citizens change their minds about leaving, or as some continue to return to Afghanistan for various reasons.”

No matter how they try to explain it, this was about as big of a failure as Vietnam was. When conducting his failed exit on August 26th, 2021 a suicide bomber attacked Kabul airport. An attack that killed 183 people, included 13 US servicemembers. In response, President Biden authorized two drone strikes aimed at ISIS-K terrorists. Much like his time in office, one of the drones failed to hit a proper target, and instead killed 10 civilians, including seven children. Thus creating an even worse relationship with the people of Afghanistan.