China Delivers Rant Against United States and Its Allies


The Chinese Community Party-controlled Chinese Foreign Ministry leveled an angry tirade against the United States on Twitter Friday of last week. A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry called on nations around the world to reject the United States and blamed us for failing” Afghanistan.

The US has failed in Afghanistan, but still hasnt changed its habit of meddling in other countries internal affairs in the name of democracy and human rights, and stoking division and confrontation around the world,Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin tweeted. This would only lead the US to new and greater failures.

Wenbin went even further and said that the international community needed to jointly reject the United States recklessness and the way it was creating chaos and turbulence in the name of democracy and human rights, and prevent another tragedy of Afghanistan in our world.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry is under the control of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The leader of this Foreign Ministry is Wang Yi, who also holds a key position in the CCP.

This social media rant came about one year after the U.S. military-led effort to evacuate western civilians and Afghan refugees from Afghanistan. The evacuation happened as the American military pulled out from the country after nearly 20 years of military activity there.

The U.S. military was there initially to hunt down the terrorists who were responsible for attacking the United States on September 11th, 2001. They also wanted to keep the Afghan Taliban and their allies out of power in Afghanistan.

Wenbin also wrote on social media, The ‘Kabul moment’ puts the USs hypocrisy on democracy and human rights and its true colors of relying on power politics and bullying practices on full display.

The Chinese official said that the United States was meddlingin other countries and likely was referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosis visit to Taiwan earlier this month.

Taiwan is self-governing and considers itself an independent nation. But China sees the island as a part of its territory. They called Pelosis visit to Taiwan a violation of Chinese sovereignty.

The Chinese government responded to the House Speakers visit by surrounding Taiwan with military drills as a threat.

It was as the United States was leaving Kabul last year that the Chinese government used the state-run Global Times to taunt Taiwan. The newspaper wrote an editorial that said, From what happened in Afghanistan, those in Taiwan should perceive that once a war breaks out in the Straits, the islands defense will collapse in hours and US military wont come to help. Once a cross-Straits war breaks out while the mainland seized the island with forces, the US would have to have a much greater determination than it had for Afghanistan, Syria, and Vietnam if it wants to interfere.

Wang challenged other nations to stop trusting the United States. He said that America has continued to build on its partnerships and alliances throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

The United States State Department started the Clean Networkinitiative in 2020. It was an effort to get other countries around the world to avoid using Huawei and other Chinese telecommunications services. They said that these services are being used for the surveillance of the Chinese people.

And last year, the United States also put together a new security partnership with Australia and the United Kingdom called AUKUS.

One of the very first initiatives of this new alliance was a security pact in which the United States and the U.K. would share submarine nuclear-propulsion technology with Australia.

A member of the Biden Administration said that the pact will allow us to sustain and to improve deterrence across the Indo-Pacific.

These moves are intended to counter Chinas increasing presence in that part of the world.