Ron DeSantis Proving He Has What It Takes To Bring Down the Beast in the White House

Hunter Crenian/

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proved over the past several years that he has what it takes to stand up against the liberal terror flowing out of the White House. He has resisted the pressure to conform to the liberal standard. And he had fought for freedom when the Biden administration sought to strip it all away.

Kids can only be taught things that matter in the educational environment. Parents love the school system in Florida because of the way DeSantis has fought to keep the poisonous woke plan out of the classroom. And the Democratic nonsense of reformed education has no place being poured into the next generation’s minds.

President Joe Biden has indicated that he plans on running for a second term. For some strange reason, the old man thinks he stands a chance of winning another four years in the White House. But when all the other Democrats are as worthless, there is not much competition or talent left to compete against influential Republicans who support the majority of all voters.

The staunch reality is that Ron DeSantis is quickly becoming the favorite choice for America’s next president. The man’s policies and people-focused mindset have earned a place of respect with voters. They know that he will put their needs above his own as he seeks solutions to problems created by Joe Biden.

DeSantis does not have a problem working for all the people. He represents a multi-cultural state with people from all walks of life. His policies work to make life better for everyone in the Sunshine state. Businesses are strong, and people get to live without being forced to do things against their will.

Former President Donald Trump is also a firm favorite with Republican voters. He has singlehandedly fought for freedom at had America on the path to greatness before Joe Biden diverted the country down a path towards socialism.

Trump has had the honor of being the favored target of the Democrats. He has them so focused on his next move that the liberals have lost sight of the other influential Republicans moving into critical positions. Ron DeSantis will catch the Democrats’ attention occasionally, but he continues to be shielded from constant attacks because Trump keeps engaging the liberals with force.

DeSantis’ popularity is not something that is going to go away with time. So many people are moving to Florida from the blue states because they want to live in a land where they can be free. Democratic-controlled states are nothing more than bits of land governed by socialism. The people are sick and tired of being treated like criminals, so they are looking for leaders that protect freedom.

Socialism is a form of government that people want to avoid. Cuban people flee to the United States because they realize the nastiness and harm that such a system places on the people. And they do not want to return to an environment they fled. Cuban voters tend to vote Republican because they realize that the Democrats have a love for socialism.

Governor DeSantis still has an election to win in Florida. He is being challenged by Democrats that honestly believe they have a chance at unseating the beloved servant leader. But their heartless attacks on his family while his wife was battling cancer deepened voters’ desirability for the DeSantis family. And people are not willing to vote for heartless thugs because they know that the Democrats will treat the people the same way they treated the governor and his family.

The country needs a man willing to embrace the people and put lives back together again. Former President Donald Trump put America on a path to greatness and helped pull the country through a pandemic. But Ron DeSantis will lead the way back to greatness and help in healing once Joe Biden is kicked out of office for his role in destroying democracy and the way he put Americans last.