Democratic Mayor Continues to Prove She Does Not Have What It Takes to Keep Chicago Safe

Roberto [email protected]

Democrats everywhere think that law enforcement officers are their enemies. They are constantly looking for ways to make life difficult for them and ways that they can accuse them of violating a person’s rights. The sad moment for people living in Chicago came when their liberal Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, took it upon herself to defund the police and limit how they respond to violent people.

Her actions have led to a massive rise in crime throughout Chicago. Criminals are no longer deterred from using deadly force to get what they want from innocent people. And now that the police are prohibited from interfering, there is nothing left to control the violent tendencies of murderous people.

Breitbart News has been keeping tabs on the increase of violent crimes in Chicago. They reported that over the Labor Day weekend, a total of 55 shootings would end up claiming the lives of 11 people. And all of it could have been avoided had Lori Lightfoot kept herself from prohibiting the police from doing their job.

The holiday weekend started the same for every person in Chicago. People clocked out from work and made their way home. They made plans to spend the weekend having fun with friends and family members. But some of them would not see the light of day.

By Sunday morning, 17 people had been shot, with four suffering fatal wounds. Their weekend was cut short because murderous liberals thought it best to defund the police and let the criminals hijack the city with increased violence.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a typical liberal that sees herself as a ruling monarch. She foolishly believes that she has the right to make decisions based on how she feels at the moment. Her senseless reaction to events has caused more harm than anything else.

At one point, Lightfoot was heard telling people that she would never meet a white man because she feared her life. She surrounds herself with culture to avoid dealing with what she sees as the plague on her city. The white people are nothing but cancer to her.

And she sits back and wonders why so many people are out killing others. Her example of selective racism leads people to believe that it is acceptable to target people with hate crimes. The increase in violent crimes in Chicago started at the top and worked its way into the streets. Lightfoot’s followers are mimicking the same type of behavior that they see in her.

Breitbart also reported that by the holiday weekend ending, there were 55 people shot, and 11 of them were having their funerals planned by their families. The weekend would have been much different for these people had not the Democrats defunded the police and allowed the criminals to take over the streets of Chicago.

Breitbart reported, “One of the most heinous attacks of the weekend occurred Sunday night, when 20-year-old David DeVeaux Jr., and 18-year-old Jason Mundo, were shot by suspects carrying multiple firearms ‘in the 8600-block of South Kingston Avenue.’ Police believe no less than two suspects ‘armed with a rifle and two handguns walked up and opened fire’ on DeVeaux and Mundo, killing them.”

The criminals have become so bold that they are willing to walk down the street in broad daylight carrying multiple weapons. And when the time comes to fire their weapons, they do not care who they kill. They point and shoot.

Breitbart also reported, “DeVeaux’s family had just been to the grocery store to get supplies for their Labor Day barbeque. They said DeVeaux walked outside to help bring the groceries into the house, and that is when the attack occurred. David DeVeaux Sr. said, ‘He came out and brought in the groceries that we were going to do for the barbecue today, and that was the last time I saw him.’”

One family ruined their weekend because one person could fire a gun without consequence. And it all started the day Lori Lightfoot decided to defund the police and limit what law enforcement could do on the streets of Chicago.