NYC is Busting at the Seams as a Sanctuary City

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New York City proudly announced that it was a sanctuary city years ago. That means that they will protect undocumented immigrants from prosecution or deportation. Regardless of what the federal laws are, immigrants can find protection in NYC.

Now, NYC is huge. Not size-wise, but population-wise. And they’re running out of room for everyone.

Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey, the governors of Texas and Arizona, have decided that they have too many illegal immigrants bombarding their borders. So, they shoved some on buses in order to share the wealth with the rest of the country.

Since Abbott and Ducey have been asking for federal aid and receiving nothing, they had to take action. And they started by sending buses toward the various sanctuary cities. After all, if you love illegal immigrants enough to be a sanctuary city, what’s a few thousand more, right?

There’s just one problem. New York City might actually be at its breaking point.

Stupid Republicans. How could those governors do such a thing? Eh, not so fast. This isn’t a politically divided issue anymore. The Democratic mayor of El Paso was on board, too. Just because Arizona and Texas border Mexico doesn’t mean that they should shoulder the responsibility all on their own.

We are the UNITED States of America. One state’s problem is another state’s problem.

And since Biden doesn’t want to acknowledge that there is a problem, Abbott and Ducey will ensure that more states see that the border immigration policies are a nightmare.

The homeless shelters are overcrowded in New York City. They’ve been filled for weeks, and much of it is because of 6,700 border crossers that have been sent from Texas.

CNN recently reported that “By the last week in August, Texas had bused nearly 9,000 migrants to New York City and Washington, DC, as Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has sought to highlight what he said is the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border.”

Let’s break this down. First off, CNN is clearly biased on this issue. They assume that Abbott is doing this out of spite. Realistically, Abbott is doing this as a way to save Texas – and get the Biden administration to admit once and for all that there really is a problem at the border.

The Biden administration HAS failed to secure the border, which is why there are so many migrants that need to be bused out. Why should Texas be the one to shoulder the problem all on its own?

New York City is processing the migrants as quickly as possible. That’s the choice they have made. They could have also called ICE and had all of those migrants deported back to Mexico and their originating countries.

And with most migrants ending up in homeless shelters, there are other issues highlighted. First off, the migrants coming across the border have no means of financially supporting themselves. And second, they are taking valuable resources from Americans.
It’s just another way that the Democrats prove that Americans most certainly don’t come first anymore.

City officials in New York have been struggling to deal with all of the migrants – and one official told CNN that they are using over a dozen hotels in the city as emergency shelters.

These “plans” could end up costing New York residents about $300 million. I wonder how they feel about being a sanctuary city now? Perhaps if the liberal cities keep complaining loud enough, Biden will have to finally take action at the southern border.