The Embarrassment of the Electrical Vehicles on the Market


Buy electric. Reduce the carbon emissions in the air. The Biden administration believes that the country would be a better place to live if we were all to invest in EVs. Then, it wouldn’t matter what the gas prices are, we’d all be charging our vehicles.

Let’s forget, for a moment, that EVs are one of the reasons why there’s a strain on the electric grids. With more people charging so that they can get to work or take a road trip, there’s more stress than ever.

EVs aren’t without their problems. There are all sorts of recalls happening, which means that it’s going to start affecting buyer confidence within the EV market.

Tesla has issued 13 recalls, which impacts over 2.3 million vehicles on the roads.

Ford Motor issued a recall affecting their Mustang Mach E this past Monday, which will impact 1175 EVs.

What seems to be the problem with the Mach E? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “The right-rear axle half shafts may have been manufactured improperly, allowing the half shaft stem to break under load.”

This is on top of Ford halting sales of the Mach E as a result of safety concerns.

CNBC reported in June that Ford has told all of its car dealerships to halt the sale of the Mach E temporarily “due to a potential safety defect that could render the vehicle immobile.”

Vehicles manufactured from May 2020 to May 2022 could be affected. A Ford spokesperson explained that out of the 100,000 Mach Es that were manufactured during that timeframe, nearly half will be part of the recall.

The safety defects can lead to the high voltage battery’s main contractors overheating, which can cause the Mach E to become immobile or even catch on fire.

You really want to run right out and get an electric vehicle now, right? Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been pushing for everyone to get EVs. Don’t like the gas prices? Buy an EV. Forget the fact that they are tens of thousands of dollars more than their gas counterparts. We should just buy one.

Buying an EV isn’t that easy. Besides them being more expensive, many are on backorder. If you try to buy a Tesla right now, you’ll be directed to the website where you can customize one. And the delivery date will be sometime in the summer or fall of 2023. And that’s if there isn’t a recall that slows the manufacturing process down even more than it already is.

The Tesla recalls have covered nearly half of the vehicles that have been sold in the U.S.

The manufacturers are trying to meet demand – and it’s clear that they’re getting sloppy with the processes. So, even if you can afford an EV and you can find a place to charge it affordably, you have to determine if it’s even safe right now.

Based on the number of recalls happening with just Ford and Tesla, it might be better to wait until all the kinks are worked out. Though, if you ask Buttigieg, he’ll likely tell you to just go ahead and invest in EV. Who cares if there’s a recall? And who cares if you can’t find a charging station. You’re doing what the Biden administration wants, and that’s all that matters in Biden’s America. Compliance is key.