Vice President Harris Reveals Hopes for 2024

Juli Hansen/

Who will be on the Democratic ticket in the 2024 Presidential race? It’s a hot topic for conversation right now. Will Joe Biden seek a 2nd term, and if he does will he keep Kamala Harris as a running mate? Will Biden’s Party want him to seek a 2nd term? If he doesn’t, who will fill that gap?

There has been speculation about the possibility of the vice president running herself for the presidency if the decision is made for Biden not to run. Some of the mystery has been resolved with a recent interview that Vice President Harris has done this past weekend. Harris revealed that she would “proudly” run on a ticket alongside President Joe Biden in 2024. This should quiet some of the chatter about the reelection viability of President Biden.

Kamala Harris was a guest on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this weekend. She told host Chuck Todd that she was “very proud” to serve as Biden’s vice president and she reaffirmed her commitment to the White House administration. She hopes that the administration can secure another term in the White House.
Harris said, “The president has been very clear that he intends to run again. And if he does, I will be running with him proudly.” And Biden has been saying for months now that he intends to run for a 2nd term if he remains in good health.

Bloomberg recently reported that Biden is planning to launch this 2024 campaign shortly after the midterm elections. The Democratic Party hopes that they will at least maintain, if not expand their congressional majority.

For almost all of this year, the president has faced a barrage of questions from people on both sides of the political aisle concerning whether or not he should try and secure a 2nd term in the Oval Office. These questions have come from political officials as well as average voters.

The approval rating of the president has improved over the last couple of weeks, but before that, it was consistently very low for most of the year.

Voters have expressed uneasiness regarding the state of the economy, and they have been critical of the president’s leadership on issues from gas prices to his policy on immigration and other border issues.

Heaped on top of all that is concern over Biden’s age. He is turning 80 years old in November. That means that he would be 82 at his January inauguration in 2025.

Biden’s approval has been rising since he signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act. It is a $52 billion chips-funding bill. There is also a bipartisan gun control bill being presented as an attempt to break the filibuster paralysis that has been in place in recent years and becoming common now in the Senate.

This legislative movement from the president has increased approval for Biden and brought some of his Democratic colleagues back in favor with Biden.

Some would like to see Biden go up against former President Donald Trump again in 2024. They believe he won in the first round and would win again in the next election.

If Biden chooses not to run again, Harris should be a natural contender for the presidential nomination. There is also the possibility that she could stay vice president for the next term and run for the Oval Office in 2028.

What Harris did make clear this weekend is the solidity of her friendship with President Biden.
“We talk about family a lot,” she said of Biden. “We talk about our hopes, we talk about our dreams, we talk about the things that concern us, that worry us, the things that keep us excited about everything we are doing.”

“It’s a real friendship. We have a real friendship, and I cherish that,” she added.