Martha’s Vineyard Residents Gritting Their Teeth After Their Decision To Be a Sanctuary City Is Being Tested


The small Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard suddenly found itself receiving unexpected visitors on September 15th. The incredibly high-end and overpriced island was suddenly home to two planeloads of illegal immigrants. Arriving around 3 PM local time, and with no warning, 50 or so illegal immigrants were suddenly free on the streets.

State Rep. Dylan Fernandes was quick to take credit for the people in his district. Hopping on Twitter, he discussed their overwhelming response of getting 50 beds together, making a solid meal for the new arrivals, making healthcare available, and making them feel at home. For many Democratic MA politicians, this made for a great photo op, even if they couldn’t get there.

Said to be largely in good health and good spirits upon their arrival, the town has been banding together to figure out where to put them. Surprisingly, there were few reports of people opening their homes or even their guest homes. Instead, these 50 were put up in a church until better plans can be made.

Granted a church is the safest place to put them. As past incidents have shown, places of worship make it harder for the feds to come after people as the optics of taking anyone away in cuffs or zip ties from a church is paramount to career suicide. It also ensures the high-brow people of Martha’s Vineyard stay feeling “safe” in their town. With people like former President Obama, and the Clintons calling it their summer home, the decision by DeSantis to send them what they have been asking for was a perfect idea.

For years the Democratic cities in the north like Chicago, DC, New York, and now Martha’s Vineyard have been calling themselves sanctuary cities. They thought that they could be an example by making these declarations. Knowing how hard it would be to get there from the southern border, they knew they would only get the illegals who overstayed a visa or who paid big money to come here from Asia or Europe. They would rarely if ever get the same caliber or kind of illegal immigrants that the southern border receives.

This racist and unspoken distinction being made by them is unsurprising given their history of interactions with people of Hispanic or Latin origins. For years now photos being snuck at the high-end parties in Martha’s Vineyard have always shown a strongly white demographic, and the rare times you saw anyone else they were either a celebrity or part of the help and whisked away as quickly as possible.

Combine this history along with the sudden arrival of these illegal immigrants, and you must wonder how long the town will hold up its happy faces. Already anonymous reports of the town’s residents complaining about where they are going to go long term. Living on the island requires a salary much higher than jobs they would likely qualify for, and the town cannot/will not offer them a free ride. Plus with winter coming up, the only people left will be the main residents, many of whom don’t want outsiders moving there just to have nothing.

Christina Pushaw, a spokesperson for DeSantis provided a tweet about the situation that all about sums it up. “Martha’s Vineyard residents should be thrilled about this. They vote for sanctuary cities — they get a sanctuary city of their own. And illegal aliens will increase the town’s diversity, which is strength. Right?”