Democrats Show Naivety About Inflation Reduction Act

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The Inflation Reduction Act was passed with the idea that it will help the country bounce back, economically speaking. However, there’s nothing in the piece of legislation that will actually have a real impact. Even Bernie Sanders went against his party to say that it was not going to help.

Still, Democrats wanted to promote the IRA as something that was magically going to fix inflation.
Alright, tell us when we can see the inflation start to drop. We’re waiting.

Oh, it seems like Democrats don’t have the answers. In fact, when they’re asked point blank to provide some kind of date as to when we can start to see the Inflation Reduction Act kicking in and making a positive impact, they have nothing to say.

Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Sean Hannity on Fox News to talk about the midterm strategy that the Democrats have when it comes to the issues. Hannity talked about how the Democrats can’t talk about the success that they’ve had over the past year, so they have to focus on their typical playbook.

Their playbook consists of January 6, calling Republicans racist and sexist, and hating Donald Trump.
Cruz pointed out that there are a number of issues that are affecting Americans – and the Democrats don’t really want to address those issues.

The biggest issue, of course, is inflation. We can all go into a grocery store or pull up to the gas station and experience inflation.

Cruz pointed out that “the Democrats have no plan for inflation other than to make it worse….to spend trillions and drive inflation up even further.”

It’s terrifying, really. Everything that the Democrats are doing to “help” America is making things worse. The Inflation Reduction Act is a perfect example of that. That piece of legislation passed in August. And the Department of Labor just released the monthly Consumer Price Index, which showed that inflation actually ROSE to 8.3%. For anyone who is keeping track, that’s a .01% increase weeks after the IRA was passed and signed into law by President Biden.

There are a lot of Democrats who voted for the Inflation Reduction Act. And Fox News Digital was eager to find out what the Democrats had to say. After all, shouldn’t we know when it’s going to help? Clearly, it’s not doing anything yet. And with the midterms right around the corner, we have to understand the plan.

The list of Congressmembers who didn’t want to respond is just too long to list. But, they’re all Democrats – and they span from coast to coast.

If you look at what the Democrats are doing right now in Congress, it’s clear that they’ve moved on. They’re not interested in driving costs down. They’d rather let the costs soar so that they can introduce socialism as the answer to everything.

Instead, they’re focusing on issues like abortion – and that’s not really an issue that plagues the average American. Practice safe sex. If you get pregnant and don’t want it, you have choices – take care of the issue before there’s a heartbeat or put it up for adoption.
Move on.
We can see who cares about the issues just by looking at Twitter. The Democrats want to focus on issues that have no impact on the American people – like giving even MORE money to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Americans are hurting. Follow a few Republicans and you’ll see concern over the gross domestic product and the Consumer Price Index. The fact that Democrats aren’t discussing this shows that they don’t care – and that they know that their precious Inflation Reduction Act is a joke.

And inflation isn’t even the only thing that the Democrats can’t figure out. Don’t even get Senator Cruz started on crime and what the Democrats are doing to make it even worse than it already is.