One GOP SuperPAC Has Over $200 Million to Spend, How Would You Do It?


What would you do with over $200 million to spend? That’s the question that Steven Law is mulling over. He is the president of the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), and his job is to figure out how to use that massive amount of money this fall so that it increases the chances of the GOP taking back the Senate.

This money has come from donations from voters all over the country to this SuperPAC which is connected to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. It is not to be used directly with any specific campaign, but it will be focused heavily on TV ads in tight races based on polling and also on how much other races have raised.

There are 35 Senate seats up for grabs in November. The most heated races are in states like Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
Steven Law was a guest on “The Takeout” this week which is hosted by CBS News chief Washington corresponded Major Garrett. They agreed with Senator Mitch McConnell who believes it will be easier for the Republicans to flip the House than the Senate. They think it is likely that Democrats will keep their narrow majority in the Senate due to recent decisions like the Supreme Court’s ruling over abortion and the FBI’s search at Mar-a-Lago.

Law is primarily focused on the couple of races that Republicans have to win to have a chance for the 51-seat majority. He believes the best chances the GOP has are the races in Nevada and New Hampshire.
Law said that in Nevada there is an “unusually strong challenger,” and in New Hampshire, there is a “surprisingly weak incumbent.”

The Republican primary in Nevada was won by candidate Adam Laxalt. He has a chance to win the race. And in New Hampshire, the incumbent is Democrat Maggie Hassan. That race could go either way.
Law’s hopes in New Hampshire have decreased since the primary race. The candidate his SuperPAC wanted to support, Chuck Morse, lost to a Donald Trump candidate, Donald Bolduc last week. And this happened after White Mountain PAC which was created two weeks before the New Hampshire primary spent almost $5 million on negative ads against Bolduc. No one knows yet exactly who is behind this new PAC, but the donors will be revealed next week and it could be SLF and McConnell.

Georgia is another state that has some possibility for the GOP. Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock is being challenged by former NFL superstar Herschel Walker as his GOP opponent. He remains within striking distance even though there have been some negative stories circulating about him.
Law said that he believes Walker is no longer a weak candidate and he focused on the NFL star’s work ethic on the campaign trail.

Law has directed the SLF to pull back money from the campaign in Arizona. They took away $8 million in ad buys from the Arizona race in August, a state where Trump-endorsed Blake Masters is challenging Mark Kelly. Masters is brand new and it is not likely he has a chance to win.

One of the people who has disagreed with McConnell about the midterm elections is National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick Scott, of Florida. They have clashed over the messaging the party should have in the midterms.

Law doesn’t believe the tension will really matter at the end of the day, but he did say that Republican-on-Republican tension “seems a little noisier” than in past elections.

Law made it clear that he accepts the results of the 2020 election, but he believes there was “some chicanery” on the margins of the election that did not impact the actual results. He is hoping that the 2022 election results will be in line with the will of the voters in America.