Washington Monument Targeted and Vandalized


The Washington Monument underwent an attack when a man armed with paint decided that he would try and vandalize the monument. Shaun Ray Deaton took the time and traveled from Indiana to Washington to try and destroy a national treasure. His personal feelings towards the country remain unknown as police seek a motivation behind defacing the national monument.

The police arrested Deaton shortly after he vandalized the monument. He painted the structure’s base bright red and spelled out several profane statements. His actions forced the monument to close while the paint was removed and the structure restored to its brilliance.

Deaton’s actions are causing many people to wonder why Democrats did not arrest more people that defaced and destroyed national monuments when Donald Trump was president. Terrorists living in liberal-controlled areas took the opportunity to tear down local and national monuments. And many of those people never saw a day behind bars. The liberals looked the other way as they silently gave them support.

The Democrats fail to understand that knowledge of one’s past helps people to live wisely in the present. National monuments and local statues are put in place to help remind people of the past. They tell the story of how America was founded and remind people of past events that helped shape current events.

The liberal terrorists who destroyed monuments and statues during Trump’s tenure proved their ignorance. They did not understand the importance of what they were destroying. And many of the monuments they tore down were put in place to help people avoid making the same mistakes of the past.
Deaton is one of those people that take for granted living in America. He does not understand what the monument represents or why it stands high on the skyline.

The anti-American Democrats believe that the monuments in the nation’s capital are an affront to their plan. The secret socialization and deliberate attacks on freedom lead people to think they can vandalize anything they can get their hands on.

President Joe Biden remains silent regarding the attack on the monument. He secretly supports the defacing of American landmarks because it reminds him of the freedoms and the current government structure he refuses to support.

ABC News reported that the “U.S. Park Police identified the suspect as Shaun Ray Deaton, 44, of Bloomington, Indiana, and charged him with trespassing, tampering and vandalism in connection with the incident.” Law enforcement is still trying to determine the motivation for the attack. The investigation into Deaton’s actions will take time.

Deaton is a prime example of what it means to be a liberal. He believes that he can do what he wants to voice his frustration with the country’s current status. Every liberal who defaced and destroyed national monuments under Trump’s tenure thought the same thing. But their left-minded overlords refused to stand up for the country and charge people with crimes related to vandalizing property.
The police do not believe that Deaton was trying to target any person or entity in particular. But that thought remains open for change as the investigation continues.

The work to restore the monument continues as the paint is removed. The park’s challenge is that the red paint had soaked into the stone. Deaton used red paint because it would stain the stone. And it will take multiple treatments to get the stone back to its original condition.

ABC News reported that the Washington Monument has stood on the skyline since 1884. At one point, it was the tallest structure. The monument represents more than the bragging rights of its history. It represents a nation that stands as a beacon of freedom for the oppressed world.

The United States is the one place that people want to come to because people live free. The Democrats may act as if they care about freedom, but they are actively working on trying and changing the course of the country. They want to put America on a path that leads to communism. And that would be a tragedy for all that have fought to keep Americans free.