Liz Cheney Threatens to Leave the Republican Party


There are a lot of Democrats who like to make empty threats. Remember all of the liberals on “The View” who said that they would move to Canada if Donald Trump became president back in 2016? Yet, they’re all still here.

Now, Liz Cheney is making similar threats. And it’s focused on Donald Trump.

The Representative from Wyoming isn’t planning on moving to Canada. Instead, she’s threatening that if Donald Trump becomes the nominee for the GOP in 2024 for the presidential election, she will no longer remain a Republican.

It is no surprise that Cheney isn’t excited about the prospect of Trump being the GOP nominee. She hasn’t been a fan of him since the very beginning. She’s even sitting on the January 6 committee to bring charges against him for his involvement in the Capitol riots.

Cheney believes that she’s doing what’s right as opposed to blindly following her Party. Just because other Republicans love Trump doesn’t mean that she has to. So, you also won’t see herself wearing MAGA-branded anything in the future.

The Wyoming Republican was recently at The Texas Tribune Festival where she talked about the future of the party – and her future with the party. “I’m going to make sure Donald Trump, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure he is not the nominee. And if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican.”

There are a lot of thoughts here.

First, Liz Cheney hasn’t exactly been a model Republican. She has bucked against a lot of the policies that the House Republicans have tried to pass. She seems to be easily swayed toward liberal agendas. That means that she’s not really doing the GOP any favors by continuing to call herself a Republican.

She’s often seen as a RINO – Republican in Name Only.

Second, Liz Cheney isn’t too far off to demand that the GOP not name Donald Trump as the party’s nominee. While we have a long way to go before we reach that point for the 2024 election, it’s definitely something that many voters are thinking about.

We have to see who the other nominees are going to be – and it’s likely that we’ll at least see Mike Pence and Ron DeSantis vying to be the GOP’s nominee, too.

Many GOP donors aren’t giving to Trump. They found him to be too divisive in the White House. They found him to be too brash and too outspoken.

We may need to have a bit more peace – and we’ll never have peace with Trump in office, even if his business-oriented persona is a benefit to the economics of the country.

There’s another part of what Cheney has threatened, though – and this is where it actually gets serious. She talks about how she would rather campaign for Democrats than see Republican candidates who promote “election lies” don’t get elected.

To be fair, those promoting “election lies” are on both sides of the political fence. Hillary Clinton claimed Russian interference when Trump was elected. And Stacey Abrams of Georgia is still screaming that she didn’t win the last gubernatorial election because of voter fraud.

Cheney has no problem campaigning for Democrats – yet she also won’t blatantly say that she wants the Democrats to keep control of the House following the midterm elections.

It seems that Cheney really doesn’t know what she wants – but she’s willing to hurt the Republican Party while she figures it out. She dodges a lot of questions, including one that involves the possibility of her running for President in 2024.