WWIII May Be Just Around the Corner…And This City Will Be Ground Zero

zef art/shutterstock.com

The Democrats hate to talk about history. However, we need to learn about ALL aspects of history so that we don’t end up repeating it.

And yet, here we are potentially repeating it. We should have learned from WWI and WWII how to get along with other nations. And every world leader should have learned how to prevent such devastating effects of war by now.

Vladimir Putin is a savage leader who doesn’t care about history. He’s content to make everyone’s lives miserable as he fights to dominate the world.

Somehow, other world leaders have allowed him to continue on. We already know that Biden has been a complete and utter failure – he’s been too weak. A few tariffs and such aren’t going to stop Putin. But Biden’s scared to do anything more than that.

Andrey Gurulyov is a staunch supporter of Vladimir Putin and he’s a parliament member of Russia. Back in June, he issued a terrifying warning when he appeared on a state-backed national television show. He discussed how Russia might invade the Baltic because Lithuania was creating blockades.

Lithuania along with Estonia are NATO countries. That means that if Russia actually decides that it wants to invade either of these countries, it will end up triggering Article 5 – and WWIII would likely begin.

Gurulyov seemed unmoved by the idea of starting a third world war. He said, “We’ll destroy the entire group of enemy space satellites during the first air operation.”

The Russian statesman went on to say that he believes that the greatest threat to the world “comes from the Anglo-Saxons.” As such, London would be the first to be hit.

London clearly doesn’t take this threat seriously as they continue to provide support to Ukraine. Either that or it is part of their overall plan – provide enough support so that Ukraine is the one to take out Russia before Russia can take out Ukraine – followed by the Baltic.

When this started months ago, Russia assumed that they could take out Ukraine quickly. They never imagined that they would still be fighting into October.

Combine this with reports that Putin might be dying and it’s clear that the Russian president has nothing to lose. He’ll run his country dry to see Ukraine fall.
The likelihood of Ukraine falling is low now that they have the support of so many European countries and even the United States.

Putin has called up over 300,000 reservists within the past month as a way to gain further ground in Ukraine. The question is how the UK will respond – especially now that there is a new prime minister and a new monarch. Will they take a more aggressive approach than when Boris Johnson was calling the shots?

Knowing that London could be ground zero for an attack that would launch World War III, we have to watch carefully.

Liz Truss, the new prime minister of the UK has said, “Ukraine can win, Ukraine must win, and Ukraine will win.” She’s been extremely vocal that the western countries were complacent and “did not stand up to Russia early enough.”

London Bridge has already fallen. It is unlikely that London will fall, which means that we may start to see a lot more aggression from the UK and the rest of the West. Putin better prepare himself.