White House Can’t Seem to Address Hunter Biden Issues…at All

Matt Smith Photographer/shutterstock.com
Matt Smith Photographer/shutterstock.com

Hunter Biden has been a continuous question mark. How did he get the connections that he did? Was Joe Biden helping his son with some of his unscrupulous business deals? Exactly how much money is he making with deals in China?

We’re not supposed to ask questions. We’re simply expected to believe that everything is on the up and up because the White House tells us so.

There’s just one problem. We already know that there are a lot of things worth questioning about Hunter Biden. And the laptop stories certainly haven’t put our worries at ease.

The FBI has been conducting an investigation on the president’s son – even before Joe Biden entered the White House as president. As the investigation has heated up in the past week or so, we’ve even learned that it may be possible that he’ll be charged with tax crimes and an illegal gun purchase.

This is exciting – and it’s also completely unprecedented. After all, these are serious crimes for the son of a president.

Naturally, reporters have questions so that they can report to us, the American people.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre avoided the question. Repeatedly.

Department of Justice documents have been leaked – and according to RadarOnline.com, there is now enough evidence that Hunter Biden could be charged. The question is simple – is President Biden concerned?

He should be for multiple reasons. One, his son may end up going to prison. But also, as president, how is it that DOJ documents were leaked?

Jean-Pierre took the easy way out by saying that it’s an ongoing investigation being conducted by the Department of Justice. Therefore, she suggested that they ask the DOJ. What a cop-out. The reporter was asking HER about the PRESIDENT.

As of right now, the U.S. attorney in Delaware has to decide If charges will be filed based on the findings of the investigation, which has been in play since 2018.

RadarOnline.com has previously reported that the investigation centered around finances related to his overseas consulting work and business ties. However, the investigation has evolved over the years and has also explored all of his income as well as whether he lied on the paperwork that allowed him to obtain a gun in 2018.

Hunter Biden was using crack cocaine at the time, based on the memoir he has since written. But being on drugs doesn’t give him a sudden pardon to break countless laws, does it? This is truly the question that we want to know, but if Jean-Pierre won’t even answer a simple question about what Biden is thinking, we know she won’t answer an even grittier one.

RadarOnline.com reported that “It’s been revealed the scandal-plagued first son filled out a federal form in which he allegedly answered ‘no’ to the question about whether he was ‘an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance.’”

It’s not very common for prosecutions to occur on false statements for gun-purchase forms, but it can happen – and considering that Hunter Biden should have known better based on who his father is, it would be perfectly within the prosecutor’s right to make an example out of the first son.

There’s no telling what will happen if and when Hunter Biden faces charges. If the FBI is capable of storming President Trump’s home to look for classified documents, the DOJ might as well start investigating Joe Biden for his hand in helping Hunter with his various business connections.

Things should start to get interesting over the next few months.