Iranian People Take to the Streets in Protest and All Their Leaders Can Do Is Blame the United States

Nicky Urban/

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is the wicked leader of terrorist Iran. He treats his people horribly, and violates every fundamental law that governs human existence. The horrible conditions he subjects his people to have led to protests and unrest throughout his country. And in a typical authoritarian fashion, the wicked man has found a way to shift the blame onto others to justify his actions and claim his innocence.

The protests in question started after a young lady was killed while she was in jail. Iran’s morality police had custody of the woman for violating national law. Her death was the spark that led thousands of people to protest the way they are treated.

Khamenei could not believe that his form of rule was the cause of the unrest. He labeled the protests rioting and blamed the United States and Israel for setting them up around the country. Iran’s leader honestly believes that the west has

In an attempt to stop the protests, Iranian police showed up and began arresting people by force. Khamenei would later try and act as if she cared about the young woman’s death as he continued to blame the west for his evil actions.

The arrest of nearly 300 students was not the fault of anyone but Khamenei himself. ABC News reported that Khamenei stated, “This rioting was planned. These riots and insecurities were designed by America and the Zionist regime, and their employees.”

The school where the protests took place was the Sharif University of Technology. The school has shut down classes to everyone but those in the doctrinal program.

The people in Iran are so fearful of the government that they fear retaliation and punishment if they tell the press what they witnessed at the school. But those that spoke while under anonymity reported that the police would not let people leave as they peppered the crowd with tear gas. The police would later surround the school and arrest the protestors.

Witnesses also reported that the police punished one teacher and several employees by beating them publicly. The police brutality was enough to scare people into submission. But the type of force shown in Iran is precisely what happens to people forced to live under an evil dictator.

ABC News would also report that President Joe Biden tried to appear sympathetic to the Iranian people. The news quoted him as being “gravely concerned about reports of the intensifying violent crackdown on peaceful protestors in Iran, including students and women, who are demanding their equal rights and basic human dignity.”

The president would state, “The United States stands with Iranian women and all the citizens of Iran who inspire the world with their bravery.”

The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tried to appear concerned but agreed with how the police handled the situation. He believes that maximum force is needed when putting down protests. He believes Iran is in the right with how they stopped the people from voicing their concerns over the way they are treated.

The people of Iran are tired of living under dictator rule. They are ready to live free. But as long as the current ruler sits in a position of power, nothing will ever change for the people.

The unrest is not a result of the west interfering in Iranian affairs. The people took to the streets to tell the world that the Iranian dictator was torturing people to death and forcing them to remain silence as the police brutally beat people down. But Khamenei cannot accept the truth that he is not as popular as he thinks he is.

The way Khamenei shifted the blame for his actions clearly shows what the Democrats do when confronted with their own crimes. They blame others and shift the matter over to others, so they do not have an answer for their actions.